Travel Associations that Give you Holiday Confidence

The internet has for many years opened up the world of shopping for goods and services and given us the ability to compare the items on offer and the asking prices. Travel packages are particularly alluring with images of sumptuous hotels, lavish facilities with benefits, forever views and cruise ships with film star worthy glamour. 

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Sometimes the reality is less palatable and a hard-earned holiday can end in bitter disappointment if not tears. 

The ensuing battle for reimbursement might further sour the memories of a holiday best forgotten. Unlike a defective washing-machine it is difficult to return a ruined holiday to the supplier. In some cases despondent travellers have returned home early to lick their wounds.

When buying cars we demand no less than 5 year unconditional warranties and with appliances we seek at least a one year guarantee. Yet when it comes to travel we are taken in by photo-shopped images, promises of extravagant free benefits on arrival and unbelievably excellent prices. The need for guarantees of service excellence and proven reliability flies out of the window in our haste to sign up for the too-good-to-be-true holiday.

Reputable holiday providers like Thompsons also promise their clients exciting holidays in distant locations but they have the back-up of many travel associations which act as controlling bodies to protect the travelling public.

Here is a list of some of the associations that Thompsons is affiliated with to give their clients peace of mind when planning a holiday. 



The Association of SA Travel Agents promises consumers that if they seek out the ASATA logo they will be guaranteed professional service, ethical conduct and trustworthiness from market leaders in the travel industry. It is reassuring to know that over 90% of the travel industry is represented by ASATA



The International Air Transport Association aims to shape the future growth of a sustainable and secure air transportation industry and to protect passengers' rights. 



The Southern Africa Tourism Services Association strives to maintain three key qualities: credibility, value and authority to ensure consumer rights and satisfaction.



The Tourism Business Council of South Africa is the enabling body brining tourism stakeholders together under one umbrella to manage issues within the travel industry to protect the rights of all parties.

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The TreadRight Foundation is an initiative between the The Travel Corporation (TTC) family of brands, including Thompsons Holidays. Their simple mission is to have a positive impact on the communities and places visited, to protect marine and wildlife, and to care for our planet.

Affiliation to the above associations is essential to your travel peace of mind. 

Contact Thompsons for information on your next holiday - stress free and carefree.

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