The Perfect Destination Combos for a Romantic Escape

We’ve found the perfect romantic destination combos to celebrate your love and create lasting memories.  

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Looking to whisk your significant other away on an unforgettable romantic getaway? We've curated a list of destination combos guaranteed to set the tone for a memorable escape. Whether it’s serene beaches, vibrant city life, or cultural wonders you’re after, these destination combos offer the perfect blend of romance and adventure!

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1. Mauritius and Rodrigues Island: Tropical Paradise  

Why We Love This Combo 

Mauritius and Rodrigues Island form a match made in heaven for couples who want an idyllic escape. Found in the warm Indian Ocean, this combo offers the ultimate tropical getaway for couples craving tranquillity and romance. Mauritius, with its pristine beaches, lush landscapes, and luxurious resorts, complements Rodrigues Island's untouched beauty and laid-back atmosphere, creating the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. 

Exciting Activities 

Enjoy a romantic beachside dinner, explore the underwater world through snorkelling, and take a catamaran cruise to watch breathtaking sunsets. In Rodrigues, hiking to Mont Limon offers panoramic views, and the natural hot springs provide an idyllic sanctuary for unwinding.  

Did You Know? 

Mauritius is home to the rare and stunning national flower, the Trochetia Boutoniana, found only in the wilds of this beautiful island. 

Our Recommended Package 

Treat yourself and your partner to seven nights at Preskil Island Resort & Spa and Constance Tekoma. Bonuses our package includes are glass bottom boat excursions, windsurfing, water-skiing, snorkelling outings, cooking classes, cocktail classes, direct access to the beach from your room and more. Book our Mauritius and Rodrigues holiday package. 

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2. Bangkok and Phuket: Culture and Coastal Bliss 

Why We Love This Combo 

Bangkok's vibrant city life paired with Phuket's pristine beaches creates the perfect combination for couples wanting a balance between cultural exploration and relaxation. 

Exciting Activities 

In Bangkok, explore the Grand Palace, indulge in a traditional Thai spa, and take a romantic dinner cruise along the Chao Phraya River. In Phuket, enjoy island-hopping, visit the Phi Phi Islands, and relax on the stunning Patong Beach. Ancient temples, modern luxury, Thai culture and coastal bliss await!  

Did You Know? 

Phuket is home to the Big Buddha, a 45-metre-tall white marble statue visible from many parts of the island. Couples can visit this iconic landmark for panoramic views of Phuket and its surrounding islands, adding a spiritual touch to your coastal getaway. 

Our Recommended Package 

Picture seven nights in five-star hotels, with access to wifi, breakfast daily and stunning views! Stay at the Landmark Bangkok and Island Escape by Burasari. Relax at the spa, explore the scenic landscapes or dine at the multi-award-winning rooftop restaurant at The Landmark Bangkok. Book this Bangkok and Phuket holiday. 

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3. Singapore and Bali: Urban Glamour Meets Tropical Paradise 

Why We Love This Combo 

Singapore's modern skyline and cultural attractions complement Bali's lush rice terraces and spiritual ambience. The blend of urban glamour and tropical paradise makes this duo an ideal choice for couples. 

Exciting Activities 

In Singapore, explore Gardens by the Bay, take a nighttime safari at the Singapore Zoo, and dine at the iconic Marina Bay Sands. In Bali, discover the mystical Tegalalang Rice Terraces, venture out for a sunrise trek up Mount Batur for incredible views of the island's landscape or take a stroll in Bali's artisanal markets in Ubud for unique souvenirs. 

Did You Know?  

Bali is known as the "Island of the Gods," boasting over 20,000 temples scattered across its landscapes, providing couples with unique opportunities to immerse themselves in the island's spiritual culture. 

Our Recommended Package 

Spend seven blissful nights at the 5-star Grand Copthorne Waterfront and the 5-star Melia Bali. Breakfast is included at both resorts, with spacious rooms and resorts are in close proximity to some of the biggest attractions. Book our recommended Singapore and Bali package now.  

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Book Your Romantic Escape Today  

Whether it’s a Valentine’s break or a romantic getaway you’re after, these destination combos provide the ultimate getaway for couples. Book your trip now and create lasting memories in some of the world's most romantic destinations! 

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