Top Travel Trend Predictions for 2021

 After the year that has been, many people are keen to roll out their luggage and start packing for a holiday. Getting away – whether locally or internationally – is a chance to refresh, unplug, take a break and explore the world, which is why we’ve gathered some of our insights into 2021 travel trends as well as what is important to our travellers, now. 

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Here are a number of interesting facts that have emerged from numerous travel surveys of prospective travellers around the world: 

  • Up to 71% of would-be travellers would like to travel immediately or at least within 3 months of restrictions being lifted at their chosen destination. 
  • Travellers want to go farther, for longer but less often – an about turn from the trend prior to Covid-19. 
  • They will plan between 1 to 6 months in advance. 
  • Safety during the entire trip is paramount. 
  • Value for money is most important. 

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New travel trends are also emerging in line with restrictions being lifted and the perception of safety at the destination. These include: 

  • Heading to destinations with open spaces to explore the natural environment. 
  • Of-the-beaten-track locations where people can explore, hike, cycle and walk as couples or family groups. 
  • Game and safari lodges – which offer natural social distancing. 
  • Beach destinations that are not crowded – or out of season. 
  • Destinations with outdoor activities for the whole family including sporting activities like golf, horse riding, tennis, kayaking, paddle boarding and more. 
  • Destinations that assure clients of their safety protocols. 

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Popular destinations around the world that are currently trending include: 

  • Travelling in South Africa is currently popular – both for locals wanting a getaway in their own country, and for internationals looking to escape dreary weather and lockdown restrictions at home, especially smaller hotels, game lodges and the wide open spaces at resorts in places such as the Drakensberg. 
  • The Indian Ocean Islands are welcoming guests with up-market resorts in Zanzibar in the top spotSeychelles and Maldives are also popular holiday choices with resorts offering excellent discounts. 
  • Greece holidays are popular – especially the smaller islands. 
  • holiday in Mozambique and the islands are ideal as the resorts are small and far apart with superb and uncrowded beaches. 
  • The ever popular trip to Victoria Falls is back on the menu with many exciting outdoor activities and easily accessed from South Africa. 
  • Something new to the South African market is LaplandFinland’s northernmost region, in the Arctic Circle with unusual snow activities including dog sleigh rides. 
  • The UAE is also offering excellent holiday deals in Dubai and Abu Dhabi with more outdoor activities than you can cram into a holiday! 

Not all your favourite destinations are open to travel just yet but keep on dreaming and planning and soon you will be enjoying a well-earned and long overdue break. 

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Call Thompsons for up to date information on available holidays for 2021 as well as what new destinations that are re-opening for international travel. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of special deals.  

Happy holidays! 


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