Where in the World can you Travel as a Vaccinated Traveller?

Over the past eighteen months we have become dedicated armchair travellers with a growing list of places to visit once restrictions are dropped. We are now akin to a trainee pilot who has been training for months in a simulator – we want to break out and do the real thing. 

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The good news is that the real thing is now upon us and destinations are opening up daily! 

Suddenly we are like kids in a candy store with many choices on hand. The question on everyone's lips is ‘what countries are open for international travel?’ As the vaccination roll-out has gained momentum around the world, many countries are opening up their borders to fully vaccinated travellers. You may well ask where can I travel and more importantly where can I travel without quarantine? 

Vaccination travel is the new buzz word and at present travel fall into two categories: 

  • Those countries that require you to be fully vaccinated. 
  • Those countries that only require negative Covid tests. 

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The first category includes (some protocols must be observed): 

As you can see, Europe is opening up fast and more countries will be added to the list shortly. Mauritius is also about to welcome the first South African visitors in eighteen months and not a moment too soon. Start planning a well-deserved break on the beach at your favourite resort or try somewhere new. Thompsons Holidays has a bag full of special offers at superb resort hotels across the island. 

Note: No vaccine no travel! 

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The second category requires negative Covid test protocols to be observed (vaccinated and non-vaccinated travellers welcome) – and includes: 

South Africans are real bush lovers and thankfully the above neighbouring countries have been welcoming us once lockdown was eased. Call the team at Thompsons Holidays for up-to-date travel deals, from thundering Victoria Falls to the beaches of Mozambique, a holiday in a local game park or an awesome experience in the vast expanses of Namibia. 

Note: Please be aware that the above countries may change restrictions at any time. 

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Want to find out more about what restrictions are in place specifically for where you want to travel? Chat to one of our experts online, or via WhatsApp, or simply drop us an enquiry. We look forward to getting you travelling again! 

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