Exploring the Charming Villages of Mauritius

Beyond Mauritius popular tourist destinations lies a treasure trove of charming villages waiting to be explored.  

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Mauritius may be well-known for its welcoming beaches and luxurious resorts but take a closer look and you’ll discover a few hidden gems. An authentic Mauritian way of life, filled with vibrant cultures, warm hospitality and lesser-known villages that will captivate you at every turn awaits you. Here are a few of our favourite villages to explore in Mauritius. Be sure to have Mauritius currency, the Rupee, on you to pay for food and any shopping items. 

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Grand Gaube 

Found on the northern coast of Mauritius, Grand Gaube is a tranquil fishing village that exudes serenity and charm. Its pristine beaches, lined with palm trees, are perfect for a relaxing getaway. One of the unique features of Grand Gaube is its vibrant coral reefs, which make it an ideal spot for snorkelling and diving enthusiasts. Visitors can explore the underwater world teeming with colourful marine life and be captivated by the sheer beauty of the coral gardens. The village is famous for its mouthwatering seafood delicacies, offering visitors a chance to savour the freshest catch of the day. 

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Tucked away in the southwestern part of the island, Chamarel is a village renowned for its natural wonders. One of its most extraordinary features is the Seven Coloured Earths, a geological phenomenon where sand dunes display a stunning array of vibrant colours, including shades of red, brown, violet, and blue. This captivating sight is a result of volcanic activity and mineral-rich soil. 

Visitors can see this natural marvel and even take home a small vial of coloured earth as a unique souvenir. Chamarel is also home to Chamarel Waterfall, one of the highest waterfalls in Mauritius. Its cascading waters, set against lush greenery, create a picturesque backdrop that will be etched in your memory for years to come. 

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Located on the southeastern coast, Mahebourg is a historic village with a rich cultural heritage. It was once the capital of Mauritius and played a significant role in the island's history. One of the notable attractions in Mahebourg is the Naval Museum, which houses a fascinating collection of artifacts, including naval weaponry, maps, and documents, providing insights into the maritime history of Mauritius. The village also boasts a bustling waterfront lined with quaint shops and restaurants, where visitors can immerse themselves in the local atmosphere and indulge in traditional Mauritian cuisine. 

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You’ll find this coastal village on the western coast. Tamarin is renowned for its stunning beaches and laid-back vibe, but what sets it apart is its resident dolphins, which can often be spotted frolicking in the turquoise waters. Visitors can take a boat trip to see these playful creatures up close. Tamarin is also a haven for surfers, with its renowned surf spot known as Tamarin Bay. The powerful waves attract surfing enthusiasts from around the world, who come to challenge themselves in the exhilarating waters of the Indian Ocean. 

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Flic en Flac 

Flic en Flac, located on the western coast, is a vibrant village known for its long stretch of white sandy beach and thriving coral reefs. One of the unique features of Flic en Flac is its accessibility to some of the best diving sites in Mauritius. The warm waters are teeming with a variety of marine species, including colourful fish, sea turtles, and even dolphins. Diving enthusiasts can explore these underwater wonders, while snorkellers can also revel in the beauty of the coral gardens close to the shore. Flic en Flac is also a hub of nightlife and entertainment, offering a range of restaurants, bars, and beachside clubs where visitors can unwind and dance the night away. 

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Mauritius is home to a total of around 150 villages, each with its own distinct charm and allure. These villages, scattered across the island, showcase the cultural diversity and natural beauty that Mauritius has to offer. While the big village in Mauritius does not have a specific name, the capital city, Port Louis, can be considered the largest urban centre on the island. On the other hand, there are several small villages in Mauritius, with countless hidden gems waiting to be discovered. 

Now that you know about these secret gems, here are a few interesting pieces of information to help you have the most enjoyable Mauritian experience.  

What is the time zone of Mauritius? 

Mauritius follows Mauritius Standard Time (MUT), which is four hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC+4). The country does not observe daylight saving time, so the time difference remains consistent throughout the year. 

What are the best items to shop for in Mauritius?  

Don't miss the opportunity to purchase unique items like locally distilled rum, Mauritian tea, and handcrafted artwork and jewellery. Additionally, authentic spices, condiments, and dodo-themed souvenirs are worth exploring. These items represent the island's culture, flavours, and artistic heritage, allowing you to bring a piece of Mauritius back home. 

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What is the currency of Mauritius? 

The currency of Mauritius is the Mauritian Rupee (MUR). As of July 2023, R1,00 = 2,5 Mauritian Rupees. The Rupee is subdivided into 100 cents. Notes are issued in denominations of 25, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1,000, and 2,000 Rupees, while coins are available in 5, 20, and 50 cents. Read more about Mauritian money and the cost of things here 

See it all by booking your holiday today 

A visit to the charming villages of Mauritius is a must for anyone who would like an authentic and immersive experience on this island paradise. So, venture beyond the beaten path, and allow yourself to experience the true essence of Mauritius in its captivating villages. Start planning your trip with one of our exclusive holiday packages to Mauritius now.  


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