A Taste of Mauritius: 10 Unique Foods and Drinks You Must Try

Mauritius, known for its stunning beaches and scenic landscapes, is also a foodie’s paradise. 

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When exploring a new country, trying out its local cuisine is an important part of the experience. And when it comes to Mauritiusa heavenly island located in the Indian Oceanthe food and drinks are certainly not to be missed! From mouth-watering street foods to refreshing beverages, Mauritius offers a range of unique and delicious culinary delights that's influenced by French, Indian, Creole, and Chinese cultures and should be part of any traveller's itinerary. We’ve compiled a list of 10 must-try foods and drinks that will give a taste of the island's flavours.

1. Dholl Puri: 

This is the most popular street food and national dish in Mauritius, inspired by the Indian history of the island. This dish is made of a thin, soft wrap filled with yellow split peas, curry sauce, and rougaille (a tomato-based sauce). It is usually served with a side of chili paste and pickles. Dholl Puri can be found in almost every corner of the island and is an ideal snack to grab on the go. 

2. Phoenix Beer:

Mauritius' very own beer, Phoenix Beer is the perfect beverage to pair with the island's local delicacies. This light-bodied lager is refreshing and crisp and goes down smoothly. 

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3. Gateaux Piment:

One of the most popular street snacks in Mauritius, Gateaux Piment are deep-fried split pea fritters. They're crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and are usually served with tamarind sauce. These are perfect for those who prefer their food with a bit of a kick. 

4. Vanilla Tea: 

Mauritius is proud to produce one of the world's best vanilla teas. The tea is made with a combination of black tea, milk, and vanilla pods grown on the islands and can be found in most restaurants and cafes on the island. A sip of this delicious beverage will leave you feeling refreshed and satisfied. 

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5. Ti Punch:

Ti Punch is a popular cocktail in Mauritius that is made of rum, sugar, and lime juice. It is a perfect drink to enjoy while watching a beautiful sunset on one of the island's stunning beaches. 

6. Boulettes: 

Boulettes are small meatballs made from a combination of chicken, beef, or fish, along with herbs and spices. They are cooked in a delicate broth, which is served as a soup. Boulettes are a traditional Mauritian dish that can be found in some restaurants and street food stalls. 

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7. Alouda: 

Alouda is a popular drink in Mauritius that is made with milk, basil seeds, agar-agar jelly and vanilla syrup. The drink is usually served chilled and is particularly refreshing in the hot and humid climate of Mauritius. You can find Alouda in most restaurants and street food stalls on the island. 

8. Fish Vindaye: 

Vindaye is a traditional Indian pickle made of mustard seeds, turmeric, and vinegar. Fish vindaye is a popular Mauritian dish that combines this pickle with fried fish and onions. This sweet and sour dish is a delight for seafood lovers and is usually served with rice. This traditional dish can be enjoyed in most restaurants on the island. 

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9. Tamarind Balls:

An ancient sweet made from the pulp of tamarind, sugar, and spices, Tamarind Balls are a unique and traditional snack that can be found throughout the island. 

10. Gateau Coco: 

Gateau Coco is a traditional Mauritian dessert made with shredded coconut, sugar, and flour. The mixture is rolled into balls, flattened, and then baked. It is served hot and is often accompanied by a vanilla or coconut sauce, perfect for an afternoon snack. You can find Gateau Coco in most bakeries and street food stalls on the island. 

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If you're planning a trip to Mauritius, make sure to indulge in its culinary delights! From spicy curries to sweet desserts and refreshing drinks, the island's food and drink scene is sure to leave you satisfied. Whether you're a foodie or just someone looking for new experiences, make sure to add some of these dishes to your Mauritius holiday itinerary. You won't regret it! 


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