Pack for your Mauritius Trip - Baggage Allowance and Essentials

After months of dreaming of a fabulous beach holiday the time has finally come for you to start planning your holiday wardrobe and making lists of what to take along. This should be a fun experience but can be trickier than you may think! 

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There are of course a couple of simple guidelines that govern your luggage and need to be strictly followed or penalties will apply at the airport: 

  • The Air Mauritius baggage allowance in Economy Class is one case of 20 Kg and one piece of hand luggage of 7Kg 
  • The Business Class baggage allowance is two pieces totaling 40 Kg and one piece of hand luggage of 7Kg 
  • These allowances may vary with promotional air fares so it is best to check in advance with your travel agent or Thompsons Holidays 

Choosing what to take can be a totally daunting experience. Here are some tips to assist you: 

  • Where possible choose a main colour scheme which will allow you to mix and match as you go along. 
  • White is also a good choice and light cotton items are perfect for day-time wear 
  • Black is always a good choice for evening wear and can be worn multiple times when mixed more vibrant pieces and accessories 
  • Choose a colourful sarong or kaftan for trips to the beach and into beach-side restaurants for refreshments and lunch 
  • Bring something warmer for evenings, like a coverup or jacket, when dining outside. 

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A seasoned traveller once wrote that she frequently returned from trips where she had lugged oversized and heavy luggage half way around the world only to find that one third of the items were never needed. Eventually she became smart and laid out all her clothes on her bed, rearranged them in colour schemes and then ditched one third of the items. Not so easy but it makes sense! 

Here is a list of some of the essentials you will need for your beach holiday – you don't want to waste time and money shopping for basic items:  

  • Sunscreen, moisturizers, lip ice and insect repellents 
  • Hat, cap, flip flops and UV protected sunglasses 
  • Small beach bag to pop your items into when moving around your resort 
  • Gym gear – you now have time for a daily work out! 
  • Most hotels and resorts have hairdryers, so leave yours at home 
  • Magazine and a book or two 
  • Phone charger and headphones 

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Not all plans are perfect and sometimes your luggage may be delayed for a day or at worst two. The following items should always be packed in your hand luggage to get you through this setback: 

  •    All essential medication 
  •    Small quantity of basic cosmetics, tooth brush etc. 
  •    For those who wear spectacles – bring a spare pair! 
  •    Clothing essentials including a change of underwear and a T-shirt 
  •    Your swim wear 

Now you know what to pack for a stress-free Mauritius beach holiday. If you haven't already booked your holiday be sure to call or WhatsApp the Mauritius experts, Thompsons Holidays, for information on affordable deals for all budgets including families. 

Thompsons Holidays has a 24/7 Help Line to assist you with any hiccups along the way and give you peace of mind. 

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