Top 10 Amazing things to see and do in Mauritius


Mauritius is an island located in the Indian Ocean near Reunion and Rodrigues islands. Clear warm coloured, blue turquoise water, and endless white beaches with coconut trees make Mauritius an ideal tropical dream island holiday destination. 


Mauritius beach with palm trees and a boat

1. Pristine White Beaches 

Mauritius holidays offers the visitors a large variety of beautiful white sandy beaches and blue lagoons. Mauritius is said to be the paradise of the Indian Ocean. 

Its large lagoons lined with fine white sand are the embodiment of paradise to those who want to enjoy the sea and the sun. All around the island, large strips of beaches offer unbeatable relaxing possibilities. 

Some of the most beautiful beaches are: 

North Coast – Grand Bay Beach, Cap MalheureuxTrou aux BichesPereybere Beach and Mont Choisy 

East Coast – Blue Bay Beach, Belle Mare Plage and Ile aux Cerfs 

South Coast – Riviere des Galets, St Felix and Gris Gris Beach  

West Coast – Flic en FlacTamerin and Le Morne Beaches 

 Grand Bassin lake in Mauritius

2. Incredible History and Culture – Grand Bassin  

Grand Bassin in Mauritius should be on your ‘must see’ list of attractions! 

Lying inland in the mountains of the southwest of the island, Grand Bassin, or Ganga Talao, is a crater lake sacred to Hindus, who believe that it was formed when Shiva spilt drops of water from the Ganges River in India 

The Grand Bassin is the largest natural lake in Mauritius which is surrounded by candy-coloured statues of gods and Hindu temples 

Grand Bassin is a crater lake about 550 meters above sea level with a depth of between 50 and 55 feet!


3. Infamous Le Morne Brabant Mountain  

Le Morne is listed as a World Heritage by the UNESCO in 2008. 

Today, Le Morne Brabant stands as a symbol of the slaves' fight for freedom, marked with a monument at the base of the mountain. It served as a vibrant hub for Creole culture for over two centuries. The history of the area is very interesting. 

Le Morne Brabant is one of the most iconic hikes on the island with spectacular views of southwestern corner of the island. 


4. Rum Tasting Tours 

Mauritius is very well known for their Rum they make from their local sugar cane on the Island. Rum tasting is a great thing to do to learn how they wwwuce their local rum. It is truly a fascinating and enjoyable experience and would be something not to miss.  
There are a few tours you can do around the island and all of them are great fun for everyone. You might even be able to learn how to make your own special cocktail! 

 Snorkelling in the ocean

5. Snorkelling and water activities 

Mauritius is known for its clean, soft white sandy beaches and clear coastline - Blue Bay Marine Park is one of the best spots for snorkelling in Mauritius. It is a protected marine park and is just off the south-east corner of Mauritius. It is truly a magical place to snorkel in Mauritius, the ocean is calm and majority of the year, it is warm. The fish life is spectacular, and you feel as if you are in a wonderland when you are under the water.  

There is an abundance of water activities offered on this beautiful island such as ParasailingKayakingWater SkiingWindsurfingDeep Sea FishingBlue Safari SubmarineDolphin Spotting and Whale WatchingUnderwater Sea Walk, Sea Carting, Underwater ScooterScuba Diving. 


6. Port Louis Market 

Greeted with many smiles as you enter this very local cultureambiance. Port Louis is the home of the largest market, where you can find fresh food items, local dishes, and various handcrafted goods that are useful to locals and serve as souvenirs for tourists. It is often crowded, even during weekdays, as many locals working in Port Louis stop by for a little snack.  

There is so much to experience in this market and so many things to choose from especially as a tourist.  Port Louis is something everyone should experience; it also opens your eyes to the real local type of lifestyle and cuisine. You may even learn how to barter.  

 Pamplemousse Garden

7. Pamplemousses Botanical Garden  

This is undoubtedly one of the most visited attractions in Mauritius. Created over 300 years ago by the famous French botanist Pierre Poivre, the garden is the oldest in the Southern Hemisphere and is home to a vast variety of indigenous plants with a soothing and tranquil ambiance.  

 Seven Coloured Earths

8. Chamaral Waterfall and Seven Coloured Earths  

These majestic waterfalls are beautifully located overlooking the exquisite forests of the Black River National Park and enveloped by the lush vegetation of the Black River Gorges in the south-west of the island. They boast a height of nearly 100 metres offering a truly spectacular site 

Another must-see site is the Seven Coloured Earths. Here visitors can view the large grooved dunes, bursting with what appears to be a rainbow of colours – a mysterious illusion formed from the minerals found in the clay 


9. Blue Bay  

Blue Bay got its name from the incredible blue of the water in the lagoon. This idyllic beach in the south-east of the island is surrounded by Filao trees. It is the perfect place to experience the truly blue waters this island has to offer!  

It is a fantastic spot for snorkelling on the island. Blue Bay Marine Park is the largest intact coral reef of Mauritius 

There are over 50 kinds of coral here and you can explore these by some of the activities that are offered here such as the glass-bottom boat, snorkelling or diving. 


10. Château de Labourdonnais 

Situated in the north of the island, visitors can explore the exquisitely restored estate - Château de Labourdonnais. This estate is stunningly enclosed by sugar cane fields and lush gardens bursting with fruit trees and a vanilla plantation. Visitors can immerse themselves in the history of the location and venture into the restored mansion showcasing the historical lifestyle. Guests may also delight in the local rum at the distillery as well as sample some of the cuisine - a real feast for the taste buds 

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