Underwater Guide to Mauritius

The island of Mauritius is well known to many South African travellers and repeat visits are commonplace. Some clients return to the same resort while the more adventurous like to discover new locations on the island and enjoy the local attractions. Where is the best area to stay – well the jury is out and agrees that the entire island is desirable, with wide beaches, warm aquamarine blue water and plenty of sunshine. 

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Like most tropical islands Mauritius has a string of superb resorts dotted along the shoreline and the beach and ocean is the central focus of activities with water sports being the most popular. These vary from resort to resort and include water skiing, windsurfing and kite-surfing, sailing, kayaking, parasailing, catamaran cruises, deep-sea fishing and exhilarating tube rides. Pedalo rides are popular with children.   


Diving & Snorkelling in Mauritius 

What is less well known is the state of all things underwater. This is a wonderland to be discovered and a well-kept secret by divers and snorkellers. It is said there are over 100 dive sites around the island which are popular with all levels of divers. Diving Mauritius is certainly on all aspirant divers bucket lists!  

Scuba diving Mauritius is supported by many resorts with either their own dedicated dive center or easy access to an accredited dive school nearby. Here novices will be taken through their paces by experienced instructors and certified divers will be introduced to some of the most spectacular dive sites in the world. There will be sightings of colourful marine life and also bull sharks, barracuda as well as grey and white tip reef sharks.  

There is also the wreck to investigate at Hoi Siong, an artificial reef and sanctuary for a myriad of photo-worthy sea creatures. Diving Mauritius also offers an opportunity to view gentle whale sharks up close. So where is the best scuba diving in Mauritius? Simply everywhere around the island – so come and find out for yourself.  

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Waterfall Diving in Mauritius 

Mauritius underwater waterfall diving is a unique phenomenon of the island. The island is perched on a shelf that rises from below with a spectacular 3 km deep drop to the ocean floor situated on the south west coast off the Le Morne peninsula which gives the illusion of an underwater waterfall. Sand slipping down this underwater gorge perpetuates the impression of a waterfall. It is not easily seen from the shore but non-divers can see the waterfall clearly on a helicopter excursion. 


Other Water Activities in Mauritius 

There are other underwater activities for the enjoyment of non-divers. Many resorts have glass bottom boat rides with spectacular views of the marine life. Enquire about the unusual 'Jules Verne' inspired underwater sea walk with our own glass helmet. There is also a submarine safari and the underwater scooter is also a fun and unusual experience. 

Speak to one of our Indian Ocean Specialists and experience Underwater Mauritius with Thompsons Holidays. Call for information on Mauritius packages that cater for all ages and budgets.         

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