Romantic honeymoons in Seychelles

Seychelles offers a choice of idyllic islands, each unique but with breathtaking natural beauty and the quintessential paradise island experience, which is ideal for a honeymoon. There is a choice of exquisite resort hideaways, with Seychelles honeymoon accommodation to suit every budget, all offering a romantic retreat with every possible activity as well as plenty of privacy. Enjoy memorable moments together, whether sailing, lazing on pristine beaches, going on a scenic walking trail together, diving to see a magical underwater world or enjoying the sunset from your private villa. Seychelles is literally heaven on earth, one of the most romantic locations in the world, so why not visit to enjoy the ultimate island honeymoon experience?

So many islands to choose from… Mahé is the main island, and where you fly into Seychelles, but there’s also intimate La Digue, untouched Desroches, the private island of Felicite, Denis Island with its excellent deep sea fishing opportunities and so many more. There is no better way to discover these magnificent islands than with Thompsons Holidays. Browse our romantic Seychelles honeymoon packages from South Africa and let's plan your perfect holiday. 

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