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Are you looking forward to the first mini-break of the year, Easter Weekend 2022? Why not treat yourself and the family to an exotic island getaway! We've got fantastic travel deals that will keep you exploring the most beautiful and fun-filled destinations. If you’re planning a little weekend getaway this year, we’ve got some fantastic local travel deals that will keep you exploring the most beautiful and fun-filled spots in South Africa

Easter Weekend 2022 kicks off on Good Friday, the 15th of April and continues through to Family Day, Monday the 18th, giving you a really good mini-break away with your friends or family. Why not book a self-catering package and celebrate Easter Sunday, the 17th of April, with family and friends on a relaxing getaway. Our Easter Weekend deals are sure to get you spending precious time together with those most important to you.

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Beach Holidays
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Book By: 23 Feb `23
Travel Between: 24 Jan `22 - 25 Feb `23
Reference: PP-TH3064792


Book By: 27 Jun `22
Travel Between: 1 Feb `22 - 30 Jun `22
Reference: PP-TH3071501

Weekend Getaways

Book By: 28 Dec `22
Travel Between: 4 Feb `22 - 31 Dec `22
Reference: PP-TH3072859

Beach Holidays, Island Holidays, Romantic Getaways
Indian Ocean Islands

Book By: 5 Jul `22
Travel Between: 1 May `22 - 12 Jul `22
Reference: PP-TH3102761

Self Drive, Weekend Getaways, Couples Escape, Beach Holidays
South Africa

Book By: 13 Dec `22
Travel Between: 25 Mar `22 - 15 Dec `22
Reference: PP-TH3084340

Family Holiday Packages, Weekend Getaways, Staycation, Self Drive
South Africa

Book By: 27 Sep `22
Travel Between: 1 Apr `22 - 30 Sep `22
Reference: PP-TH3100545

Self Drive, Beach Holidays, Family Holiday Packages, School Holidays
South Africa

Book By: 27 Aug `22
Travel Between: 6 Apr `22 - 31 Aug `22
Reference: PP-TH3093258

Luxury Bush Breaks, Bush Breaks, Country Escapes, Family Holiday Packages, Self Drive
South Africa

Book By: 29 Dec `22
Travel Between: 1 Jan `22 - 31 Dec `22
Reference: PP-TH3051324

Island Holidays, Beach Holidays, Couples Escape, Luxury Holidays

Book By: 10 Dec `22
Travel Between: 6 Apr `22 - 15 Dec `22
Reference: PP-TH3108484

Barefoot Beach Luxury, Luxury Holidays, Beach Holidays, Island Holidays, Couples Escape

Book By: 26 Jul `22
Travel Between: 1 May `22 - 31 Jul `22
Reference: PP-TH3108588

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