What's the Big Deal About Room Upgrades?

The queues slowly wind around the airport building, passengers are irritable, check-in staff are unsmiling under pressure and you are relieved to finally receive your boarding pass and get rid of your cases. But oh no – they have allocated you a seat in the middle of the row when you specifically requested an aisle seat. Abrupt reply: Nothing can be done as the flight is fully booked. Great start to a meticulously planned and hard earned holiday! 

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The flight is announced and the passengers jostle each other at the door. Now your turn. The air steward scrutinizes your boarding pass and then cross-checks her log sheet and the look on her face gives you a sinking feeling. However, 'Follow me’, she says and makes a left turn and then with a broad smile introduces you to a large leather business class seat - glass of Champagne already poured. You have been upgraded. Eureka! 

Everybody loves an upgrade.  

The above scenario is rare and you have no control over it. Luck of the draw. 

There are however other opportunities to get upgrades to make your holiday really special and you do have control over them. And, unlike the 10 hour business class seat, these upgrades will last the whole holiday. 

We all love a bargain but when talking about your dream holiday, why not go a step further. Instead of asking for a quote on a basic or entry level room, rather enquire about which room types are on offer. A standard room at the seaside may have a roadside or internal hotel view. For a little more you could have a picture window or even a balcony with deck chairs to watch the sun set over the ocean. Heavenly moments never forgotten.  

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At resort hotels around the world you will also find multiple room types culminating in suites, each with their own charm and style. The standard rooms are usually garden or even courtyard facing, followed by pool facing, then sea view and finally sea front. With the exception of the suites, you might find the difference in price is worth considering.  

With room upgrades suddenly the Queen bed is a King bed in a spacious room, the TV is wider, there might be a dressing room and the bathroom is bristling with perfumed goodies. Slide back the French windows and the resort flows into your room. Spoil yourself and order breakfast on the balcony where you can take in the view, clad in your fluffy white gown.   

Your choice might come with benefits too as some higher room types attract extra amenities like access to additional restaurants that normally charge a supplement. A complimentary fruit bowl or bottle of wine might await you too.  

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On a family holiday, families travelling with children should always enquire about the premium rooms that offer more space as parents with two children in one room may find it a bit much after a while. 

Give Thompsons a call and one of our experienced consultants will describe the rooms, their unique selling points and the available facilities and amenities so that you can make an informed decision on how to upgrade your hotel room. 

You may be surprised at how little the room upgrade is in relation to the additional experience you get. Happy upgraded holidays! 

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