From Tuk-Tuks to Songthaews: Unforgettable Rides in Thailand

Thailand is a diverse country filled with beautiful beaches, bustling cities and breathtaking temples. 

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When planning your visit, it’s essential to know the best ways to get around to make the most of your trip. From tuk-tuks to songthaews, Thailand has unique modes of transport that you won't find anywhere else in the world. We’ve got you covered with information on the most popular and efficient ways of getting around, the cheapest modes of transport and the most enjoyable ways to travel in Thailand. 

Taxis or tuk-tuks?  

If you're considering a trip to Thailand, you're probably wondering how you will get around. The most popular modes of transport are taxis and tuk-tuks. Taxis in Thailand are abundant and easy to hail, but you should always ask for the metre to be turned on to avoid getting overcharged. Tuk-tuks, on the other hand, are a unique mode of transport in Thailand, and they add to the whole Thai experience. They're perfect for short distances, and you can negotiate a price before you get in to avoid any surprises. Keep in mind that tuk-tuks might not be the most comfortable or safest way to get around. TH Blog image 69

Consider a songthaew and meet new people 

Songthaews are another mode of transport that you can use in Thailand. They're probably the cheapest way to get around and are ideal for exploring the city or countryside. They're usually red pick-up trucks or vans with benches at the back, and the fare depends on the distance you're travelling. In major cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai, songthaews are usually shared among passengers, making it an excellent opportunity to meet new people. 

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Grab is the alternative to Uber 

Uber, unfortunately, doesn't exist in Thailand anymore. However, the good news is that Thailand has an equivalent ride-sharing service called Grab. It's a popular platform that you can download on your smartphone and use to book cars and taxis. The benefit of using Grab is that the fares are fixed, so you won't have to worry about being overcharged or negotiating with the driver. Plus, it's available in most major cities and tourist hotspots. 

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See Thailand on a motorcycle 

If you're looking for a fun way to travel in Thailand, you should try riding a motorcycle or a scooter. Before renting, you'll need an international driving permit (IDP), and it's essential to wear a helmet and take extra caution on the roads. Aside from being an enjoyable way to get around, you'll also have the flexibility to stop and explore wherever you please. Keep in mind that Thailand has narrow and busy roads, and sometimes the traffic can be challenging to navigate. 

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Trains are a great choice too 

Another mode of transport that you can consider using is the train. Thailand has a rail network that connects many of its major cities. Train travel in Thailand is inexpensive, and the railway system is well developed and efficient. You can choose from first, second or third-class tickets, with the latter being the most affordable and basic. Train travel is a great way to see the countryside, relax and take in the views. 

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Thailand is a welcoming and hospitable country that has a range of transport options to suit any traveller's needs. From tuk-tuks to songthaews and Grab to the trains, each mode has its advantages and disadvantages. With this information, you'll be able to navigate through Thailand with ease and enjoy all the amazing experiences that it has to offer. Always remember to stay safe on the roads, negotiate fares before getting in, and embrace the unique modes of transport that Thailand has to offer. Start your journey right here and browse our Thailand packages! 


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