Top Experiences in the Maldives

The islands of the Maldives have been likened to a string of pearls scattered in the blue ocean – a most suitable description as witnessed by tourists on incoming flights to the capital Male. 

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The thrill of arriving in this sought-after destination is amplified as you step onto a speed boat or a sea plane for the next leg of your journey to an island paradise.  

Your new home for the next few days of heaven might be the only resort on the island – but then there are over 1,000 islands in a chain of 26 atolls. This is the most socially distanced country in the world. 

You have just landed in one of the most romantic and unspoiled destinations on earth. This is the closest you can get to a Robinson Crusoe existence on a desert island. But you won’t be sleeping on the beach under palm fronds. The resorts in the Maldives are all luxurious in a most understated way. No glitz, gold and frivolities – just pure unadulterated simplicity embracing the natural elements of aquamarine seas, silky soft sands, verdant green forests and dazzling blue skies. 

Most resorts offer both beach villas and over-water villas each with their own individual charm. Whatever you choose you are never more than a pace or two from the inviting warm water. Beach villas are set under cooling palms with a veranda and hammocks for lazy days of reading and snoozing. The over-water villas often have a cool sitting room, wooden deck with stairs to the water and even dipping pools.  

Once you have had a refreshing swim and languished over a lingering lunch with your feet in the sand it is time to explore your island and its surroundings. 

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Here are a few of our favourite activities in the Maldives: 

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As most travelers know, the Maldives is famous for its marine life making it a diving paradise, with enthusiasts converging from around the world. Make sure your resort has all the equipment and for the less ardent types, snorkelling is also top class. Pop on your fins and mask and slide into an underwater fantasy of colour and beauty. 

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For fun activities in the Maldives, why not find time to conquer surf board (the Maldives has some excellent surfing breaks) or enjoy something different with a stand-up-paddle. If you’re feeling more adventurous, then go on to windsurfing, parasailing and fun tubing! 

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Next up is a pampering spa treatment followed by a blissful nap in preparation for sunset drinks, dinner under the stars and a night of entertainment with the moon reflected on the water. And then to bed to the sound of lapping waves... 

Every day in the Maldives brings new adventures. After a late start and sumptuous breakfast you can take a boat ride to a sand bank for snorkeling, lazing in the sun and a picnic lunch. Or try your hand at fishing and catch your own lunch. 

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All these activities build up an appetite and dining is indeed a special occasion for all meals. 

The specialty is of course grilled sea-food but the range is wide and expect surprises of cuisine excellence from around the world.  

For an island paradise holiday of a lifetime contact us now for our excellent range of luxury Maldives beach holidays and island packages. 


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