Top 10 restaurants to experience in Zanzibar – a foodie’s guide

Does Zanzibar have good food? It sure does! Are you a foodie looking for the best restaurants in Zanzibar? As one of Tanzania’s premier tourist destinations, Zanzibar has something to offer every palette – from traditional stews and curries to more exotic flavours. From high-end seafood dinners to street carts with local delicacies, this island paradise has it all!  

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Join us as we explore the top eats on the island – whether you're looking to eat in style or grab a quick bite while exploring the sights, get ready as we embark on our journey of discovering the most popular foods and famous restaurants available throughout amazing Zanzibar. 

Is The Rock Restaurant A Good Place To Eat?  

The Rock Restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in Zanzibar, Tanzania. The restaurant is located on a small island off the coast of Zanzibar and can only be reached by boat. The restaurant is built on top of a large rock, hence its name. The Rock Restaurant offers stunning views of the Indian Ocean and serves a wide variety of seafood dishes. 

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Where is Forodhani Gardens? 

Forodhani Gardens is a large open-air market located in the centre of Zanzibar City. The market is open every night and sells a wide variety of food, including grilled meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, and local snacks. Forodhani Gardens is a great place to try some traditional Zanzibari food. 

Why Not Try Mercury's Restaurant? 

Mercury's is a popular restaurant located in Stone Town, the capital of Zanzibar. The restaurant specialises in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine and offers a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Mercury's is known for its delicious food and friendly service. 

Want traditional food? Try House of Spices 

House of Spices is a restaurant located in the heart of Stone Town. The restaurant specialises in Zanzibari cuisine and offers a wide range of dishes made with fresh spices and ingredients. House of Spices is an excellent place to try some traditional Zanzibari food. 

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Enjoy A Bit Of Everything At Sultan's Palace 

Sultan's Palace is a popular restaurant located in Stone Town. The restaurant serves a mix of Indian, Arabic, and African cuisine. Sultan's Palace is known for its beautiful setting and its tasty food. 

Enjoy a Unique Dining Experience at Spice Island  

Spice Island is an aptly named restaurant that specialises in dishes made with spices grown on the island of Zanzibar. The restaurant is located in Stone Town and offers a wide range of spice-based dishes, including curries, soups, and stews. If you're looking for a truly unique dining experience, Spice Island is the place for you. 

The Old Dispensary is A Must-Visit  

The Old Dispensary is an elegant restaurant located in an old colonial building in Zanzibar. The menu features both African and international dishes, including fresh seafood, grilled meats, salads, and soups. The restaurant also has an extensive wine list featuring wines from around the world! 

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Considering a hotel restaurant? Try these:  

Toa Hotel And Spa Restaurant – Great To Stay And Eat 

Toa Hotel and Spa in Zanzibar offers culinary delights to tantalise your taste buds. Enjoy classic Zanzibari cuisine, prepared with modern techniques, while indulging in stunning waterfront views. The restaurant takes pride in showcasing the unique flavours of the island by sourcing its ingredients locally. With a relaxed atmosphere and attentive service, you can be sure that your dining experience at Toa Hotel and Spa will be truly unforgettable. From light seafood dishes to flavourful curries and delicious desserts – be ready for an unforgettable dining experience. 

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Hotel Riu Palace Zanzibar 

Food lovers flock to Hotel Riu Palace in Zanzibar for an unforgettable gastronomic experience. With a variety of cuisines available, ranging from classic Italian and Mediterranean dishes to traditional Swahili recipes and signature creations, the experienced chefs at Hotel Riu Palace are sure to impress. For those who want to truly explore what Zanzibari cuisine has to offer, the hotel offers cookery classes where you can learn how to make delicious local dishes. Along with its amazing culinary delights, guests can also enjoy scenic views, warm hospitality and a relaxed atmosphere that you won't soon forget. 

Zanzibar has a unique, vibrant culture and there is no better way to fully experience it than to try its food. From Stone Town to Nungwi, these popular restaurants are sure to take your taste buds on a journey. Whether you're looking for an upscale meal or something more casual and light, these restaurants offer something for everyone in this tropical paradise. The most famous dishes of Zanzibar include seafood, coconut rice, and fresh fruits that are worth trying out when you visit the island. Don't forget to discover the other cuisines available as well! 

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Book Your Zanzibar Foodie Experience Now. 

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