5 Days on Rodrigues: An Island Escapade in the Indian Ocean

With its pristine beaches, lagoons, and a rich Creole culture, Rodrigues is a true escape for solitude, adventure, and a rendezvous with nature. 

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If you're a South African traveller looking for a place that combines exclusivity with authentic island charm, Rodrigues is the ideal island holiday destination. 

Join us as we chart a 5-day itinerary Rodrigues Island holiday that promises a balanced mix of leisure, exploration, and moments to cherish. This travel guide aims to ensure that every day on Rodrigues offers you something new, whether it's discovering exquisite marine life, experiencing local traditions, or simply lounging by the turquoise waters.

Day 1: Arrival and Island Introduction 

Welcome to Rodrigues 

Upon arrival, you'll be greeted with the warm, laid-back vibes that Rodrigues is renowned for. With only around 40,000 inhabitants, the island's tranquility is quite a contrast from the more boisterous neighbouring islands.  

Settle into Rodrigues Life 

Head to your chosen accommodation, perhaps a cosy beach bungalow, or a luxury resort-style villa. Rest a little, unpack, and breathe in the fresh ocean air.  

An Afternoon at Trou d'Argent 

In the afternoon, make your way to Trou d'Argent, one of the most picturesque beaches on the island. It's not easily accessible, which keeps it relatively uncrowded. It's the ideal place to catch your first Rodrigues sunset, against a backdrop of jagged cliffs and natural rock pools. 

For the active traveller, a hike through the adjoining woods towards the Cocos Lagoon promises sights of endemic flora and fauna. Remember to pack a picnic – the perfect moment to enjoy local delicacies against the stunning coastal wilderness of Rodrigues. 

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Day 2: Aqua Adventures and Village Visits 

Snorkelling at Île aux Cocos 

Start your day with an early morning boat trip to the Île aux Cocos for some of the finest snorkelling the world has to offer. You'll find coral gardens teeming with tropical fish, and if you're lucky, you might even come across sea turtles and rays. 

Lunch in the Village 

Return to the island for a late lunch at one of Rodrigues's charming coastal villages. Sample the renowned octopus curry, and explore the quaint streets, perhaps stopping by a local shop to pick up a handmade souvenir. 

Discover La Marie and Its Creole Roots 

The afternoon can be spent at La Marie, an inland village that's a bastion of Creole culture. Visit the impressive Pointe Canon and take a guided tour through the village to learn about traditional ways of life, local architecture, and the historic battles that shaped Rodrigues. 

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Day 3: Market Day and Nature Trails 

Explore Port Mathurin 

Begin your day in Port Mathurin, the main town of Rodrigues. It's the best place to experience the island's everyday hustle and bustle, especially on market days. Pick up some fresh produce, spices, or locally made crafts. 

François Leguat Reserve 

After immersing yourself in Rodriguan life, it's time for nature's spectacle at the François Leguat Reserve. This natural haven protects a rare bird species, the Rodrigues Fody, and you'll also be able to observe thousands of giant tortoises and bats that call the reserve home. 

Sunset at Mont Limon 

Before retiring, head up Mont Limon for a panoramic view of the island and a breathtaking sunset. The hike is relatively easy and is a great way to cap off the day and prepare for the nightfall. 

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Day 4: Culinary Delights and Relaxation 

A Day of Rest on the Island 

Today is a leisurely day – a retreat for your senses. Take a stroll on the beach, go for a calming swim, or simply recline with a good book at one of the island's many quiet coves.  

Cooking Class 

In the afternoon, participate in a traditional cooking class, where you can learn to prepare local dishes like grilled fish with coconut chutney or the famous crab rougaille. This experience provides insight into Rodriguan life while giving you practical culinary skills you can take home with you. 

Dinner at Chez Gaspard 

Complete your culinary adventure with a delicious dinner at Chez Gaspard, a local institution. Sit at a communal table and feast on fresh, home-cooked Creole food while engaging in warm conversations with fellow travellers and locals. 

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Day 5: Island Excursions and Goodbyes 

Blue Marine Foundation Visit 

On your final day, visit the Blue Marine Foundation to learn about their efforts in conserving Rodrigues’s marine environment. The foundation collaborates with local fishermen, conducts research, and raises awareness on sustainable fishing practices. 

A Last Dip in the Ocean 

Before you leave this idyllic island, there's time for one last swim in the clear waters of Graviers or Anse Bouteille. It's a chance to reflect on your time in Rodrigues and carry with you its essence of peace and wonder. 

Goodbye Rodrigues 

As the day ends, bid farewell to Rodrigues with a heart full of memories and a camera of picturesque landscapes. The island may be small, but its charm is grand, leaving its imprint on all who visit. 

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Whether you're captivated by the island’s ecological wonders, its rich history, or its vibrant Creole culture, 5 days in Rodrigues will feel like a gift of time well spent. This is an island that embraces its visitors with open arms, and as you board your flight, you'll carry with you the desire to return to its serene shores.  

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