Why Malindi is the ultimate African Beach destination

The extensive Kenyan coast is best known for its endless sandy beaches making it a mecca for sun lovers. The coast around Malindi is dotted with charming low rise resort style hotels in verdant gardens right on the beach which is perfect for a restful barefoot holiday in the warm sun. Speaking of the sun, Malindi is blessed with a year-round warm tropical climate and the temperature seldom drops below 20°C or exceeds 30°C. 

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How do I get to Malindi? 

Malindi is easily reached from Johannesburg via Nairobi with a connecting flight to Mombasa. This is followed by an easy road transfer of about 120 kms through magical seaside villages lined with palm fringed beaches. Check in, unpack your bags and in no time you will be exploring the beach just a few steps away. 

What are a few must-see sites in Malindi? 

Malindi has a number of historic monuments worth a visit including the Vasco da Gama navigational pillar (da Gama visited Malindi in1498), the Malindi Museum which doubles up as a local tourism office and the Gede Ruins, the remains of a typical Swahili town built in the 12th Century and rebuilt in the 15th Century. A palace, mosques and houses are still visible in what was a prosperous town. The ruins are nestled in the beautiful Arabuko-Sokoke primeval forest. 

The town of Malindi is one of the most popular on the Kenyan coast with many travellers returning year after year. This comes as no surprise as there is so much more than just sunny beaches. The town is also home to vibrant markets, eateries and nightclubs which give visitors a glimpse of Swahili culture and friendliness. 

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Does Malindi have a beach? 

Yes! Malindi is also a favourite destination for divers and snorkellers who gravitate to the famous reefs. Water sport enthusiasts are also well catered for including kite surfers and deep-sea fishermen. Birders also flock here to enjoy the abundance of birds including 65 aquatic species. 

Is Malindi worth visiting? 

Definitely! All this makes a beach holiday in Malindi perfect for sun and beach lovers as well as those who love water sports or a day out on a cruise on a hand-built dhow. Stop for a seafood picnic on a deserted sand bank and spend the afternoon lazing on the warm sand before sailing back to our welcoming resort hotel.   

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What makes Malindi so popular with travellers? 
  • Easy access from South Africa with daily flights followed by a road transfer. 
  • Year round warm tropical climate with the short rains in October and November and the longer rains between April and June. 
  • Wide choice of charming hotels right on the beach with a home from home atmosphere. 
  • Delicious cuisine with an abundance of fresh seafood. 
  • Excellent water sports available at most hotels. Take a dhow cruise to a deserted island for a picnic. 
  • Top diving and snorkelling opportunities on the extensive reef in the UNESCO Watamu National Marine Park. 
  • The nearby Arabuko-Sokoke Forest is home to hundreds of bird species. 
  • World-class game viewing in the nearby game reserves including the Masai Mara, Amboseli and Tsavo.  
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