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Argentina Travel

Travel to Argentina to discover a country blessed with incredible natural beauty and a diverse range of landscapes. Its capital, Buenos Aires, is where the legendary Tango originated. The city is called ‘the Paris of the South’ and is Argentina’s cultural and financial centre, full of modern buildings, sumptuous palaces and tranquil parks. There’s also Mendoza, with its tree-lined avenues, glorious weather and incredible wine, which is close to the Andes Mountains, making it an ideal base for skiers, mountaineers and hikers.  

Bariloche in the Lake District is a picture-perfect town with evergreen forests, deep blue lakes and carpets of wildflowers. Down south is Patagonia, home to magnificent glaciers and the most extensive collection of marine animals in the world, including seals, whales, penguins and sea elephants. At the country’s southernmost tip, one finds Tierra del Fuego, the gateway to Antarctica.  

Why visit Argentina?
  • The incomparably beautiful Iguazu Falls is on its border.  
  • Argentina is an ideal holiday location year-round. 
  • The country’s natural beauty is indescribable.  
  • Unlike the rest of South America, it has a unique European influence.  
  • It boasts impressive Colonial architecture.  
  • The steak is as good as you’ve been led to believe.  
  • Its wildlife is quite extraordinary – see 4-eyed frogs in the rainforests around Iguazu, Llamas in Patagonia and jaguars and pumas in the north.  
  • Its nightlife is legendary.  

Argentina offers fascinating history and culture, music and dance, glorious food, and so many diverse experiences. Whether you’re planning to travel here for a family holiday or want to learn the Tango on honeymoon, your Argentina holiday will be unforgettable. 

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December to February  – Summer 
March to May  – Autumn 
June to August  – Winter
September to November – Spring
As you plan what to wear, keep in mind that the trick is to pack and wear layers. We suggest layering like this: tank top or t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, jersey and then jacket.  Always pack something to protect yourself against rain showers.
Most retail stores are open from 9.00/10.00 a.m. to between 6.00 and 9.00 p.m., Monday through Saturday.  Banks are open to the public from Monday through Friday from 10.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.
The official currency of Argentina is Peso (ARS)
Currency: Peso (ARS). ARS1 = 100 Cents. 
Credit Cards are widely accepted and ATM’s are very prevalent.
Tap water is generally safe to drink throughout the country.  
Hotels Two or Three pesos per suitcase for porters and for valet parking in top-end hotels. Leaving loose change for cleaners is appreciated.
Restaurants Tip about 10% (unless service is abominable). It is also important to note that you probably won’t see a “tip” section on your bill, so it is a good idea to bring some spare cash. To make sure your waiter or waitress receives your tip you should give it directly to them and not leave it on the table.
Bars About 5% at the bar and 10% at a table.
Taxis Tipping taxi drivers is not required, but many people leave the change for their driver in order to round up to the nearest peso. However, if the taxi driver goes out of his way to help carry bags or is especially helpful in giving directions, you should leave a more substantial tip. A few pesos are sufficient.
Learn a few words of the local language so you know what’s considered polite in terms of eating, greeting and local values.
Appropriate behaviours by travellers helps ensure local communities continue to be hospital and friendly.
Respect other people’s cultures and avoid imposing your beliefs.
Adhere to the hotel’s water or energy conservation policies.
Buy locally made crafts and support local skills.
Spanish is the official language. English isn’t spoken widely. 
South African citizens do not require a visa to enter Argentina, Visa required only during emergency or if holding a temporary passport
Argentina is situated on the continent of South America. They are 5 hours behind S.A 
For Argentina there are two associated plug types, types C and I. Plug type C is the plug which has two round pins and plug type I is the plug which has three flat pins in a triangular pattern. 
Argentina operates on a 220V supply voltage and 50Hz.
Inexpensive restaurant meal : +- 210.00 ARS
Meal for 2 people Mid-range Restaurant, 3 Course : +- 800.00 ARS
McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal):  +- 160.00 ARS
Domestic Beer (0.5 Lt Draught) : +- 67.50 ARS
Imported Beer (0.33 Lit Bottle) : +- 60.00 ARS
Cappuccino (Regular) : +- 53.17 ARS
Coke/Pepsi (0.33 Lt Bottle) : +- 36.74 ARS
Water (0.33 Lt Bottle) :  +- 27.94 ARS
A lot of public restrooms will charge you a small fee to use them, so just keep some change on hand to pay the fee.
Lock valuables away while travelling and always be vigilant of your belongings. Never leave them unattended.
Always be aware of pick pockets irrespective of where you are in the world.

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