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For a far quieter island escape, try chilling out in the charming French island of Reunion with its  unique diversity of cultures from Europe, Africa and Asia. Picture shimmering white beaches, quaint villages, soaring mountains, an active volcano, dense forests, vast national parks and smiling faces. Suntan on the pristine, undeveloped beaches or seek an adrenaline rush by hiking the three lush amphitheatres or Cirques formed from dormant volcanoes.
Be awestruck by the many magnificent waterfalls or go scuba diving or surfing in the warm ocean. The holiday choices are endless – sheer relaxation or real adventure.
General info
Language: French is the official language in Reunion. Reunion Creole is also spoken, although not an official language.
Currency: The currency is the EURO. It is recommended to exchange South African Rands to Euro’s prior to departing South Africa as it is difficult to exchange once in Reunion. This can only be done through the banks.
Visa: South African passport holders no longer require a visa to enter Reunion.
Time: 2 Hours ahead of South Africa.
What things cost: These are approximate prices and may vary according to hotels and seasons.

Average costs in a hotel:
Bottle of water:         3.5 Euros
Bottle of local beer:   5 Euros
Bottle of wine:           25-30 Euros
Pizza:                       14 Euros
Light lunch:               15-20 Euros

Average costs outside hotels:
Bottle of water:          2.5 Euros
Bottle of beer:           3 Euros
Bottle of wine:           20-30 Euros
Pizza:                       12 Euros
Litre of petrol:            1.10 – 1.30 Euros (gasolin – unleaded )
Light lunch:               10/15 Euros
Climate: The temperatures on the coast vary between 18 and 32 degrees. Summer, from November to April is hot and humid with temperatures averaging 30 degrees. At higher altitudes the temperate varies between 15 and 24 degrees. Winter, from May to October, is the cool season with temperatures averaging 20 degrees.
Driving in Reunion: Driving in Reunion is on the right hand side of the road. An International Driver’s Licence is required when renting a vehicle.


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