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Sri Lanka

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The Climate in Sri Lanka is tropical and consists of very distinctive dry and wet seasons. 

The average temperature of Sri Lanka usually ranges from 28 – 32 degrees Celsius which may differ due to global weather conditions as a whole.

The official and only currency of Sri Lanka is the rupee  
The Sri Lankan Government has tight control over the national currency and there are strict limits on the number of rupees you can bring in and out of the country (up to LKR 5,000).
You’ll need to change Australian dollars to LKR or withdraw rupees from an ATM when you arrive.

It is recommended to buy bottled water.

When it comes to tipping in Sri Lanka, don’t be hesitant to tip whatever you can wherever suitable

Sri Lankan food is known to derive a considerable portion of its recipes from Kerala, India, but their pastes and seasonings are very much their own. They love chilli and request a moderate dish if you don’t want to leave with your ears blowing smoke. It is customary to leave tenth of the billed amount as a tip in cash, if you’re paying by card.

Taxi Drivers
The drivers are diligent and usually, drive you to the destination as you please. Bear in mind that taxi drivers earn modest wages and a generous tip goes a long way. Nonetheless, you are not obliged to grant a tip in case your travel experience has not been satisfactory.

Room service, porters and cleaners usually work hard to promise a pleasant stay and a LKR 50-100 tip is acceptable.
Tip the waiters and bartenders at hotels LKR 2,000-3,000.

Learn a few words of the local language so you know what’s considered polite in terms of eating, greeting and local values.

Appropriate behaviours by travellers helps ensure local communities continue to be hospital and friendly.

Respect other people’s cultures and avoid imposing your beliefs.

Adhere to the hotel’s water or energy conservation policies.

Buy locally made crafts and support local skills. Buy them preferably from the craftsman himself to ensure your money goes to the artist and not the middle man. 

Lock valuables away while travelling and always be vigilant of your belongings. Never leave them unattended.

The official language in Sri Lanka is Sinhalese and Tamil, English is also widely spoken

No passport copies, documents or photographs are required. If you wish to visit Sri Lanka for a short stay for any of the following purposes, you must obtain ETA prior to the arrival.

Applicant has to submit documents to this High Commission 14 days prior to travel to Sri Lanka to get a Business visa

Smoking is allowed in designated outdoor areas; however, it is prohibited in indoor public areas.

In Sri Lanka the standard voltage is 230 V 

Beware of pick pockets in markets.
Don’t trust beach hawkers selling excursions; these are not safe. 
Rather arrange sightseeing through your hotel or from Thompsons

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