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​India must surely be the most diverse and exotic holiday destination in the world. Where in the world could you see camels, gaily decorated elephant or hand drawn rickshaws right in the cities? Here you can view the greatest temple dedicated to love, the Taj Mahal, watch devotees bathe in the mighty Ganges, cruise on a luxurious rice boat in Kerala or be swept along by the brightly dressed crowd in a riotously noisy Hindu festival. A journey through Indai will take you through modern cities to landscapes dotted with temples and filled with farmers ploughing with their sacred oxen. This is the most amazing kaleidoscope of future memories. This is India.
General Information
Language: Hindi. English is widely spoken.
Currency: Indian Rupee
Visa: A visa is required by SA passport holders
Time: GMT + 5.30 hrs
India is a vast country with many microclimates. The summers (March to May) are hot and humid, followed by the monsoon season (June to Sep) with short but heavy showers, which in turn is followed by the post monsoon season which is cooler and greener. Winter falls between October to December with pleasant temperature except in the northern states in the Himalayas, where it is cooler.

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