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Language: The official language is Mandarin Chinese. English is not commonly spoken except by tour guides, some hotel staff and some people in major cities.
Currency: The local currency is the Yuan Renminbi.
Visa: Visas are required for South African passport holders.
Time: GMT +8.
China covers extensive territory and has a complex topography; therefore the weather differs from region to region. The best times to travel are March to May and September to August.
Discover Beijing, the bustling Chinese capital and the heartland of Chinese culture and politics, where historic sites and fascinating museums rub shoulders with glittering new skyscrapers. Unexpectedly, some of the country’s most pleasant scenic and cultural spots lie within the scope of a day-trip and, just to the north of the city, one of the world’s most famous sights, the Great Wall.
Shanghai, the financial powerhouse and a city at the cutting edge of fashion with an interesting modern history, offers many spectacular views and different perspectives – ancient and modern, Eastern and Western, fast-paced and laid back.
Guangzhou is a beautiful city with ever-green scenery and flowers blooming all year round. The city boasts many tourist attractions, among which highlights are White Cloud Hill scenic spot, Yuexiu Park, Guangzhou Zoo, Six Banyan Temple and Flowery Pagoda.

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