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Munich - Munich is the capital of Bavaria and has much to offer for the international visitor. You could lose yourself for days in any of the number of museums, galleries and beautiful churches. In summer, head into the mountains to enjoy walking and climbing and when it turns cold again return to the mountains nearby to ski. There are numerous beer festivals throughout the year with the most famous of all being the noisy ‘Oktoberfest’ which is definitely worth a visit.
Berlin - Berlin is Germany’s capital city and has undergone enormous changes in the past 100 years. No longer divided, this city is now a thriving, modern and exciting destination, welcoming tourists and business visitors alike. Many come here for the exceptional nightlife alone, while others prefer the tourism aspect offered by the city
Frankfurt - Home to one of Europe’s largest stock exchanges and the Bundesbank (Germany’s central bank), Frankfurt has a rich collection of museums, second only to Berlin. In nightlife, too, it is the capital’s only serious rival, especially when it comes to the dance-music scene, central to the ever-popular techno beat.

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