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With 44 countries to explore, Europe is a world in its own right. This exciting and diverse continent offers a wealth of scenic beauty, centuries-old architecture and art, and an endless menu of fascinating cuisines. Rediscover the treasure trove of the culture-rich continent of Europe with Thompsons Holidays. Marvel at each country’s unique customs, traditions and regional delicacies, admire the exquisite art and classical architecture and explore the magical countryside with its fairytale villages, vineyards and enchanting castles. From the famous red buses and High Street fashions of London to the historic landmarks of Spain, France and Italy, our travel specials offer unbeatable value and quality. Feel a sense of history in Moscow’s famous Red Square, with its imposing Kremlin and distinctive St Basil’s Cathedral and as you visit St Petersburg’s spectacular Winter Palace and State Hermitage Museum. Be romanced by the sheer magnificence of the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Stand in awe of the ancient Colosseum in Rome, be captivated by Florence’s Ponte Vecchio and the Bridge of Sighs and canals of Venice. Be entranced by Gaudi magic in Barcelona and feel like royalty when visiting Madrid’s Royal Palace. Gaze at Berlin’s historic Brandenburg Gate and be spellbound by Vienna’s majestic Schonbrunn Palace. Visit the world’s tallest fountain - Lake Geneva’s famous Jet D’Eau - or get a taste of Eastern Europe in cultural Prague or Budapest. Enjoy a slow cruise along the canals of Amsterdam, and then unwind on an idyllic white sandy beach in the sunny Algarve on the South West coast of Portugal. One of the most relaxing ways to appreciate Europe’s superb countryside is to spoil yourself with a luxury river cruise.  

Each country has its own personality, language, history, food, traditions and people, a kaleidoscope of colourful possibilities just waiting to be experienced. Where do you start your tour?  

Why we love holidays in Europe 

  • We love travelling to Europe for its snowy winters and stunning ski resorts. 
  • Wherever you go, history is waiting for you in Europe – on the streets of Lisbon, in Rome’s Vatican City or in the castles of Vienna, to name but a few.  
  • Art will take your breath away in every country, from the grandeur at the Louvre in Paris to cultural treasures in Amsterdam and Bruges. 
  • You can see the incredible works created by legendary masters, such as Salvador Dali’s paintings in Barcelona and Michelangelo’s David in Florence. 
  • The architectural landmarks, like Paris’ Eiffel Tower and Rome’s majestic Colosseum are mind-boggling and beautiful. 

Whatever type of traveller you are, you’ll find Europe exciting and full of attractions. It’s perfect for honeymooners and couples, families, groups of friends and solo travellers. Start your journey here by browsing our European holiday packages.


European holidays are full of fabulous food, famous attractions and great shopping. Wherever you go, you’ll find fascinating people, fairytale villages and towns, enchanting castles, gorgeous gardens and a variety of things to do.  

Exploring Europe’s different countries is a joy in itself. Spend your days visiting art museums, castles or villages. From Milan’s fabulous shopping and Barcelona’s legendary architecture to Croatia’s magnificent beach resorts and breathtaking coastal views, the options are as endless as the possibilities. It’s all up to you and the type of holiday you’re after, whether it’s a romantic getaway, time with family to relax, or a get together with friends. 

Things to do in Europe 
  • In winter, go skiing, dine on delicious food and drinks to stave off the weather, and enjoy an atmosphere of joy, especially during the Festive Season.  
  • Europe’s famous Christmas markets offer a chance to learn all about each country’s traditions. 
  • In summer, Europe’s beaches are packed with people who flock here from around the world to enjoy the atmosphere, food, scenery, sun, sea and sand.  
  • Explore Europe’s fascinating cities, each with its own personality. 
  • Drive through the picturesque English countryside to see legendary Stonehenge. 
  • Bask in the sun on the famous French Riviera. 
  • Relax at a café on a tiny Greek island after a day on the beach.  
  • Cruise Venice’s Grand Canal in a gondola. 
  • Go shopping on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence. 
  • Explore the cobbled streets in the old parts of Budapest or Prague.  


Whether you visit for a few days, or spend a few glorious weeks skiing, soaking up the sun or exploring, holidays in Europe are as laid back or exciting as you wish them to be.  


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