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Northern Europe & British Isles

The Northern European cruise region stretches from the British Isles through Scandinavia and all the way to St. Petersburg, Russia. Northern European cruises are also referred to as Baltic or Scandinavia cruises.

Amazing historical and cultural sites await passengers and shore excursions typically visit museums, palaces, castles and cathedrals. Cruises around the British Isles including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland offer opportunities to visit famous cities like London, Dublin, Edinburgh, and Glasgow.
Cruise Types
Northern European cruises, also known as Baltic cruises and Scandinavia cruises, are typically 7 to 14 nights. British Isles cruises are typically 7 to 14 days.
Best Time to Cruise
The Northern European cruise season lasts from late May through to September and the British Isles cruise season runs from April through to October.


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