Dubai Deals 2020

Dubai Deals 2020

Dubai is a city that must be seen to be believed. Record-breaking architecture stands alongside traditional quarters, while man-made islands jut out of the coastline. Here are the top places to tick off your sightseeing list when you’re in town. Burj Khalifa - Discover a truly unique view from the top!
Standing 828 metres high, the Burj Khalifa is hard to miss. The world's tallest tower naturally dominates the Dubai skyline, but the true majesty of the building is best appreciated up close or, even better, from inside. Browse our Dubai package deals for 2020 and immerse yourself in this incredible destination.

The Dubai Mall - Redefine the meaning of shopping
Right next to the Burj Khalifa is The Dubai Mall. To call the sprawling development merely a shopping mall is doing it a disservice. Even an entire day spent here isn't enough to see it all. Along with its 1,200-plus shops and 150 restaurants, the venue is home to an indoor theme park, an ice rink, a huge indoor waterfall, a choreographed outdoor fountain and the giant Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.

The Dubai Fountain - Witness water dance in the centre of downtown Dubai
The Dubai Fountain, located at the base of the iconic Dubai Mall, features the world's largest choreographed fountain system. This popular dancing water show jets water streams as high as 150 metres in the air. Each colourful, illuminated jet sways in time to various musical numbers from around the world, producing what has become the one of the most popular shows in Dubai.

Dubai Creek - Step into old Dubai's winding waterways and souks

Dubai may be famous for the glitz and glamour of its sky-high towers, but the real heart of the city is, and always will be, the Creek. Today, the area is awash with the history of the emirate, as it's home to the gold, textile souks.

Dubai Marina - Stroll along the water beneath this urban skyline
Marvel at some of the world's tallest apartment buildings as you stroll along Dubai Marina Walk or see it from the water as you set sail from the desert safari Dubai-style with off-roading, quad biking and sandboarding followed by traditional barbeques, henna and camel rides.

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