Which is the best beach destination: Maldives, Mauritius or Bali?

If you like pina coladas and not getting caught in the rain; if you’re not into lazing around on some tropical beaches, do you have half a brain? While Rupert Holmes might’ve been onto something, we’re into the best beach destinations for you to live your best life. While the South African shores will always have our patriotic hearts, if you’re looking for something different, we’ve got the best guide for you to take you to a tropical paradise.  

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Beach vacay? Maldives, Bali or Mauritius? 

The island life is calling, but where should you go? From planning your honeymoon, wanting an adventurous escape or simply wanting to soak up some vitamin D, Mauritius, the Maldives and Bali are some of South African’s favourite beach holiday destinations. While each destination holds a distinctive tropical experience of their own, we’re exploring which destination would suit every kind of traveller.  

First up, what’s your plan?  

The key element in deciding which destination would be best for you is to list the requirements your holiday needs. Are you looking for a family friendly beach holiday, do you want warm water, fun water activities, vibrant nightlife, all-inclusive, what is your travel time and of course, does it suit your budget. Each of these factors are vital in your destination decision. Nobody wants to spend some money on travel and not enjoy their time.  

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Known for its breathtaking beauty, the Maldives is always a beach holiday winner. This Indian Ocean Island destination is iconic for its overwater villas and has an inviting romantic atmosphere with its idylic sunsets, seclusion, and a taste of luxury. While a holiday to the Maldives won’t come by cheap, it does not always mean it has to break the bank. You can get a great deal for the Maldives with early planning and checking out our Maldives holiday deals packages. Water babies can enjoy an array of sporting activities, from jet skis to snorkelling, speedboat trips to underwater dining: Maldives truly is your oyster. 

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South Africa’s paradise, Mauritius, is only a 4-hour flight away. Considered one of Africa’s adventure capitals, Mauritius is known for its many adventurous activities that take place against the beautiful backdrop of the mountainous terrain and exotic beaches. Whether you’re wanting some down time in the sun, putting a few holes in one of the many renowned golf courses, tackling the water and all the aquatic events, a Mauritius holiday is the perfect combination of culture, beautiful landscapes, and thrilling adventures.  

What makes Mauritius even more perfect is that it had facilities for family holidays, romance for honeymoon memories and adventures for the adrenalin junkies. It truly is a paradise for every type of traveller.  

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Bali! Whether you want your Eat, Pray, Love moment or are simply keen to experience the tropics of Indonesia with the friendliest people on Earth, a Bali holiday is a must experience for every traveller. With memorable sacred temples, lush rainforests, thriving rice beds and enchanting experiences, Bali is truly a spiritual experience. 

Planning to hit the nightlife full blast? Bali has an array of hotspots perfect for you to dance into the early hours of the morning. Wanting to hit the waves? The beaches of Ubud are perfect to hit the surf. With adventures like island hopping, tasting markets, shopping spree central and beer tasting fun, Bali is everything a bustling traveller could want. 

While Bali is not an iconic destination for families with young kids, its perfect for students taking on their semester break, with many affordable options, couples wanting to enjoy their honeymoon or adventurers after their next thrill.  

Whether you prefer the relaxation of Maldives, the all-encompassing Mauritius or fun and exciting Bali, experiencing a holiday on an Indian Ocean Island is a MUST for every traveller. Take a look at our Maldives deals, Mauritius travel deals and Bali packages and get ready for a holiday of a lifetime with Thompsons Holidays. 

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