Turkey as your next beach holiday

Turkey is well known for its spectacular ancient sites and natural wonders, like the Fairy Chimneys at Göreme National Park, the terraced limestone pools at Pamukkale and Cappadocia’s cave villages.

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Fascinating landmarks like Istanbul’s Hagia Sofia Mosque, the fantastical Topkapi Palace and the Sultanahmet Mosque also draw visitors from around the globe to marvel in awe. But did you know that Turkey is also home to some truly breathtaking beaches? It might just trump the usual beach destinations that come to mind when you think of an international beach holiday! 

Turkey’s beaches may be not as well-known as those in neighbouring Greece, but they share the dazzling blue Aegean Sea and are a well-kept secret. It is worth remembering that these beach resorts offer excellent value for money and make for a truly unforgettable Turkey Beach holiday. 

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Here are some tips on the best beaches in Turkey: 
  • Antalya, on the southwest coast, must be your first choice if you want a wide range of attractions. The old town is centered around an ancient harbour and there are miles of sandy beaches. There is even a small beach, Mermeli Beach, right next to the harbour. Discover a labyrinth of winding alleyways dotted with boutiques and restaurants and there is also a lively night life here. Do not miss the important archeological sites nearby including the Hadrian’s Gate built in the year 130 AD.  
  • For a quieter and more relaxed holiday Patara Beach is perfect. At 20 kms (about twice the height of Mount Everest) long there is little chance of crowding on this pristine beach in the south facing the azure warm waters of the Mediterranea. The ruins of ancient Patara are just inland and well worth a visit. 
  • Çıralı on the southwest coast has a magnificent, pebbled beach which inexplicably has not yet succumbed to mass tourism making it ideal for a quiet and restful holiday. What makes it even more special is that it is the nesting ground of endangered Loggerhead Turtles. These magnificent creatures start coming ashore from May to September with hatchlings appearing as early as July. Nearby are the ruins of Olympos in a national park. Make the effort to climb a rocky mountain to the Eternal Flames of Chimera where natural gas seeps through the rocks resulting in natural fires that have been burning for thousands of years. 
  • Bodrum in the west is a popular and busy resort with a busy port and very lively night life. The twin bays have views of Bodrum Castle which guarded to port from invasion. Soak up the sun and enjoy snorkelling and diving as well as water sports and as the sun sets its time to dine and dance overlooking the yachts lit with fairy lights. 

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There are many more beaches along the extensive coast. Call a travel expert at Thompsons Holidays for advice on a Turkey beach holiday with a bit of culture and history thrown in too.


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