Beach or Water Villa? Get the Best of Both on Your Maldives Holiday

Beach or Water Villa? Get the Best of Both on Your Maldives Holiday

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The collective islands of the Maldives have long been regarded by travel writers as the most desirable island holiday destination in the world. They describe the islands as a string of shiny pearls scattered in the azure ocean - a sight often experienced by those fortunate enough to fly to this astonishing Indian Ocean destination. Many of the islands are small and home to just one luxurious lodge that caters to every whim and desire of the guests. 

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The pristine islands of the Maldives offer total relaxation as well as many activities on land and in the sea. This is the diving mecca of the world with many resorts boasting their own house reef for exclusive use by their guests. The reefs are also easily accessible for snorkelers and all the necessary equipment is readily on hand. 

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The only big decision to make once you have set your sights on a holiday in the Maldives is what accommodation to settle on. Most resorts feature superb beach villas just a few steps from the ocean or over-water villas set above the softly lapping sea and with equally easy access to the water. 

Here are a few tips to help you decide what sort of Maldives accommodation would suit you: 

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Beach Villas 
  • Perfect for traditional beach sand lovers 
  • Beach loungers for lazy days in the sun 
  • Can be a little closer to the reception areas 
  • Ideal for small groups of friends who want to be together on the beach 
  • Ideal for children to play safely on the beach and in the shallows 
  • Wider open spaces shared with other guests 
  • Go all out and choose a villa with a private swirl pool 

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Water Villas 
  • Total privacy - ideal for a romantic beach escape 
  • Lie in bed with the curtains open for unsurpassed sea views 
  • Spacious wooden deck with day beds 
  • Stairs directly into the water 
  • Some even feature outdoor showers 
  • The ultimate luxury is an over-water pool 
  • Free standing bath with sea views 

Still not able to make up your mind? 

Thompsons Holidays answers the question for you with a selection of affordable packages that include a luxurious holiday stay in both a beach villa as well as a few extra luxurious nights in an over-water villa. Experience both these superb accommodation types in the Maldives and you be the judge on which is the best. 

Happy Maldives holidays! 


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