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Thompsons Holidays is an active tour operator member of the Association of Southern African Travel Agents (ASATA) and is committed to offering customers professional service, ethical conduct and trustworthy behaviour.


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Why travel with an ASATA-accredited wholesaler?
Choose your wholesaler much the same way you would a trusted advisor – someone who has your best interests at heart, who has the know-how and skills to assist you with all your travel needs.  Furthermore, a wholesaler that is an accredited ASATA member so you can ensure both you and your customers Travel with Peace of Mind.
Entrusting your travel with an ASATA wholesaler, you are assured you are working with a professional company that is not only bound by a strict code of conduct, but also believes in ethical and professional provision of travel services and is committed to helping your customers enjoy the very best travel experience.
This is what you can expect when you book with an ASATA wholesaler:
Professional Service
A credible, specialist advisor who will give you value-for-money, offering you end-to-end solutions that exceed expectations.
Ethical Conduct
A professional travel company that complies with South African laws and the ASATA Code of Conduct and Constitution, and provides the wwwucts and services for which you asked. You can expect to pay a fair and equitable amount for what you are getting.
Trustworthy Behaviour

A commitment to transparency in all dealings as it relates to wwwuct and price. A commitment to striving for a travel experience that is painless and pleasant, and the full delivery on what was promised.
Market Leadership
A knowledgeable advisor prepared to listen to your needs, give the best advice, consider your viewpoint and act on it, as well as tailor the experience to meet your needs and those of your customers through consistently good service. 


Are you working with a wholesaler that is a member of the Association of Southern African Travel Agents?
If not, why not?

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