Adventures in Argentina

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Date: January 29, 2020

Why Travel to Argentina?
Argentina, derived from the Latin word “Silver” is a vast country located in the south part of South America. Argentina is bordered by the Andes Mountains and Chile to the west.
Why should you visit this beautiful country?

Here are a few of the attractions that will entice you to take a once in a lifetime Argentina holiday package to some of the most interesting and unique places this world has to offer.

Buenos Aires
A colourful city in located on western shore of Argentina, where passion and culture are present in every corner, and coexists the football fever with tango’s enthusiasm. It is one of Latin America’s most important ports and populous cities. It is the ideal site to delight yourself with local gastronomy; defined by the delicious “asados”, the well-known local dulce de leche and the Argentinian’s preferred drink – mate.

A busy port and an adventure hub in Argentina, Located between the majestic  Andes and at the shore of the Beagle’s Channel, this is where the most remote and southern spot of the country merges with the ocean. A sliver of steep streets and lots of buildings below the snow-capped mountain range. Is the access to the World’s End, the Continent and the beginning of lots of adventure awaits you here. This magical part of South America has so much to offer.
As Ushuaia is at the bottom of the Southern Hemisphere, the best time to go is from December through March.

Discover the Andean Patagony, where the landscape can be spotted between blue and turquoise water lakes, the constant green of the Valdivian Temperate Rainforest and ancient woods of unique rare animals.
This laid-back mountain town makes one feel like they are in wonderland. It’s famous for its ever-present views of the glacial lake, Nahuel Huapi. This part of the country offers an array of adventure and cuisine to be explored.
If you enjoy skiing, visit Bariloche in the winter from July – August. Otherwise, the best time to go to Bariloche is during the spring between October – November. You'll avoid the crowds, and the landscapes are in full bloom, making it a picturesque site.

Mendoza is where the weather and land’s beauty blends perfectly with the passion for wine and make not only unique varietal wines but also, international renown, this unique place on Earth is where you immediately feel like you are on another planet.
This bustling city full of wide, leafy avenues, cafes and plazas is a captivating place to be. It is lively in the day and transforms into a different place in the evenings where all the bars and restaurants along the sidewalks come to life.
October through April are considered the best months for visiting Mendoza - from the planting season through harvest. Spring (October, November) and fall (March, April) are warm, crisp and bursting with colours. During this time, winery activities are bustling, and outdoor adventures are in peak season.

El Calafate
Home of the one attraction which will really hook you – the Perito Moreno Glacier (Natural Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO), where there are many options to enjoy this natural place are as extensive as the glacier. Its location makes it an inevitable stop for those in transit.
Furthermore, it is an entrance to admire another natural wonder as the Torres del Paine National Park, at Chile.
The best visited times are any time between October and April. The most popular time to go is between December and February which is summer and the high season.

Iguazu Falls
One of South America’s most mesmerizing places to visit. The Falls are breath-taking!
The falls lie split between Argentina and Brazil in a large national park where you can experience seeing a massive variety of fauna and flora in the rainforests.

“Iguazú Falls is a destination that you can visit all year round. The best recommendation is going during mid-season (from July to October and from February to April)as during this period the weather is great and the park is not too crowded with tourists

From natural attractions to a vibrant city life, Argentina has something for every traveller. Indulge in the gaucho culture, tango through the streets and see some of the greatest sights that natural attractions the world has to offer on a holiday package to Argentina.