Thompsons keeps on giving

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Date: August 14, 2018
You too can donate to assist the people of Lombok following the recent earthquakes…

Thompsons recently donated USD500 to Panorama Destination, our Bali DMC, for the Lombok Earthquake Disaster Relief Fund. Panorama Destination is raising funds to help with aid operations and rebuilding in Lombok, following the recent earthquakes that have left many local people without basic amenities such as food, water, sanitation, electricity and clothing.

If you would like to contribute, or assist in receiving contributions, please share this on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages. The more the link is shared, the closer they will get to their target of USD20,000. Each share is estimated to raise USD30 or more!
“Panorama were great at locating clients of Thompsons Holidays, both during the volcano eruption and during the earthquake. This highlights how important it is to book our customers with a DMC in far-away countries experience natural disasters or political instability that from time to time,” said Joanne Adolphe, CEO of Thompsons Holidays.

If you would like to contribute or share the link, visit Lombok Earthquake Relief Fund