Thompsons Holidays gives back on Mandela Day

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Date: July 18, 2018
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Throughout the country, Thompsons Holidays had teams working overtime on Mandela Day, 18 July, to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s legacy as the former president would have turned 100 years old

In Johannesburg, 18 members of the Thompsons team including CEO Joanne Adolphe spent the day working for Africa Food for Thought (AFFT) in a soup kitchen in Slovoville, feeding 2,000 people.
But that’s not all. Thompsons Holidays Johannesburg also donated bread and fruit to feed a community outreach project, handed over play dough for a crèche outreach and also handed out toiletries and clothing that had been collected by the staff.

The Cape Town team made sandwiches and handed these out with fruit to the homeless at a shelter in the city centre. 

Thompsons Holidays also gave back to loyal travel agents by rewarding them with a gift voucher for every booking finalised with Thompsons on Mandela Day.

For the public, Thompsons has put together a series of places to visit in celebration of Madiba that highlight destinations that were historically relevant in his lifetime. 

See the attached advert for more details.

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