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Date: March 5, 2018
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Step aboard a stylish and ultramodern ship and discover your dream destinations all in one incredible itinerary. Coupled with various entertainment and activities onboard, each ship is a floating city at sea - a world of choice at one’s fingertips. Cruising offers exceptional value for money – included is accommodation, all meals, onboard activities and entertainment for all ages. Perfectly pairing the shore and the land, this is the ultimate travel experience. Pack your bags for one of life’s most extraordinary adventures – travelling the high seas.

Onboard everything is conveniently located in one place, making this an ideal trip. You only have to unpack once and you can see the world out of your window. It’s entirely up to you how you would like to spend your time – relax onboard a lounger by the pool or take up the various shore excursions or explore by foot on your own. You won’t miss the shoreline experiences either, as cruising allows you the freedom to explore ashore at each point of call.
Cruising allows you to discover exotic and exciting locations, ranging from the popular to the exclusive. Select the right itinerary for you, whether it is a quick glimpse or more in-depth excursion. The options are endless…
The modern ships closely resemble resorts and many of them feature more amenities and facilities than you would find on a land-based resort. Ranging in size, select one that meets your needs. There’s so much offered aboard from theatres, children’s programmes and entertainment, fine dining, spas, fitness centres, parties, live entertainment and music shows, dancing, karaoke, casinos, zip lining, rock climbing, golfing, to salons and much more!
Cruising allows you to meet incredible people from around the world. Enjoy the personalised-service and friendly staff on the cruise lines.

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