Do Cuba like the Cubans do

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Date: January 15, 2018
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Open again after so long in hibernation, Cuba is sure to enchant.  Cuba is going to become the go-to destination. And here’s what we can expect…

Cuba is actually an island as well as a country, and it’s particularly renowned for its excellent cigars, feisty rum – and some of the most exquisite beaches on earth.
The capital of Cuba, Havana, is a melting pot, a treasure trove of delights, from the maze of narrow streets in the Old Town filled with pastel coloured Spanish style colonial buildings to its numerous jazz bars, outdoor markets and al fresco cafes. The historic Old Town has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it’s well worth exploring not only because it’s an untouched historical gem, but also because it’s so fascinating and beautiful. Havana’s old motorcars are another highlight of a visit to the city, which seems to have stood still for many years. The city was the heart of the political revolution, so there are numerous images of guerilla fighter Ché Guevara, with the most famous being the one on Plaza de la Revolucion.

But don’t just stay in Havana – you must explore further afield. Other fascinating cities to visit include the elegant, Spanish-style city of Santiago de Cuba, which is found on the South-East edge of the island. To the west there’s Pinar Del Rio, the home of Cuba’s burgeoning cigar industry, and right in the center of the island, you’ll find another UNESCO World Heritage Site, the fascinating city of Trinidad. Like Havana, Trinidad is full of pastel-colored buildings and retro Cadillacs. It’s also the home of the Salsa, and visitors can learn how to dance this traditional Spanish dance before practicing their skills at the town’s numerous bars which are open late. Trinidad also boasts a lovely beach where visitors go to soak up the sun.
And that’s another side of Cuba that you must exploit – the island is a haven for sun seekers, and offers numerous fun water sports and activities, from snorkeling to scuba diving. At night Cuba comes alive and visitors can enjoy a varied, vibrant assortment of activities, from dancing the night away to drinking al fresco.

The main seaside resort in Cuba is Varadero, which is found on a peninsula in the north of the island. Completely different from old-fashioned Havana, which is just 100 miles away, Varadero is modern, lively and full of fun and activity. The north coast is full of resorts, some lively, some more peaceful, but all beautiful and welcoming along the palm-fringed coastline.
In addition, there are more resorts to be found down south close to Trinidad, which are famous for their beautiful sandy beaches.  You’ll find an abundance of these in Cuba. Cuba epitomises beauty, fun, and a very different experience – the perfect definition of luxury.