A South American Adventure

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Date: October 24, 2017
South America
South America invites visitors to explore this continent of natural splendour – showcasing the likes of - breathtaking valleys, volcanoes, forests, and glaciers. Be captivated by the rhythm of the tango, fascinating historical relics, natural wonders and the diversity of cultures.  You will be welcomed by the country’s hospitality…Make sure to dine in some delectable delights and revel in the continent’s delicious wine.

Chile extends from the Atacama Desert, which is found in the north of the continent down southwards to its glaciers. It borders Patagonia in the South, with the Andes and the Pacific Ocean forming an exquisite setting, showcasing some of Chile’s natural splendour.  The capital city, Santiago, is looked after by the Virgin Mary from Cerro San Cristobal where she stands tall over the city’s twisting streets and colonial buildings.

Santiago offers numerous attractions for its explorers; the city is brimming with - museums, galleries, curio stores, fresh food markets and restaurants for the ultimate cultural adventure.

Renowned for its unspoiled natural wonder, Patagonia invites you to discover its magnificent landscapes and natural life – including close encounters with dolphins, penguins and killer whales. Venture into the Torres del Paine National Park to view the extraordinary landscapes of the Southern Ice Fields or explore this incredible continent at sea and cross the famous Straits of Magellan.
What to explore?
There are numerous attractions and destinations to explore in this enchanting destination…

San Pedro de Atacama
You can start off by exploring one of the most beautiful deserts in the world - the Atacama Desert, found located between the Pacific Ocean and the peaks of the Andes. Venture further into this exquisite desert landscape and discover a remote oasis in the middle of known as San Pedro de Atacama.
Andean Lake Crossing
Take a two-day journey crossing the Andes from Bariloche in Argentina to Puerto Montt in Chile for an experience of a lifetime. You will travel by boat across a number of magnificent lakes and by bus along the mountain routes, allowing you to take in the rich green hues of Emerald Lake and the magnificent landscapes of the Osorno, Puntiagudo and Tronador volcanoes. Another addition to your to-do list has to be an exploration of Nahuel Huapí National Park.
Chilean-Patagonian Cruising

Cruising of Chile and Patagonia is another must- do, as it offers an exciting adventure where one may view Antarctic birds and animals from up close and marvel at the ice. Take a cruise through the Strait of Magellan, to the Beagle Channel, the Pia Glacier, Ainsworth Bay and the Tuckers Islets and Cape Horn, which is also known as the end of the Earth.
Next, you may venture into Castro - the capital city of the Archipelago, located on Chiloe Island. Spend some time discovering the ancient wooden churches as well as the captivating fresh fish and seafood markets.
The Great Grey Glacier
Take a moment to appreciate the Grey Glacier, which is located in the Patagonian Ice Field. This site features an enormous and exquisite ice formation numerous kilometres in length, which is a truly breathtaking site to see.
How to go?
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