It's always sunny in paradise

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Date: May 30, 2017
Whenever you think of a tropical paradise, a vision of scattered islands like the Maldives come to mind. Here's where the waters are as inviting as the locals, the weather is that of dreams and the sun welcomes you into its warm embrace. With that in mind, there's so much more to this incredible destination than meets the eye...

Adventure is out there...
If you're looking to delve into every imaginable water sport, the Maldives is the ideal place to seek your thrills. With all the islands surrounded by water, this is the ideal marine location to figure out which water-based activity you love most. From paddle boarding around a lagoon to underwater scooters and sailing with the cool gentle breeze passing you by, there really is something for everyone.

Always look on the bright side of life
You will never be short of anything to do so don't worry about being stuck at your resort with nothing to do (like that would be the worst thing in the world?). Make your way to the capital Male’ or explore deserted islands or even swim with the dolphins. Either way, you won't be short of exciting entertainment.

Romance is on the cards!
You and your loved one can reconnect whilst surrounded by lush vegetation and calm azure waters. Whether it's overlooking the ocean or in your private water bungalow overlooking the lagoon, you're guaranteed that alluring and romantic atmosphere that would never be forgotten.

Reinvigorate mind, body and soul
The serenity of this awe-inspiring location is bound to help you discover peace and serenity, especially when you're indulging in spa treatments. Every spa seeks to convey a breath-taking ambience of secure serenity where exotic therapies defy the imagination.

The Maldives is blessed with magical displays of sunshine, natural beauty and out-of-this-world hospitality. With 26 natural atolls to explore, your choices are limitless and the only thing left to do is make your way over to where the sun is always shining and pure bliss exists.