South Africanisms

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Date: March 10, 2017
Each nationality has some pretty incredible quirks, and South Africa is no exception! Here are some of our favourite (and very prominent) traits that present themselves when South Africans travel...

The helplessness you feel when you're unable to unwrap your suitcase after it's been covered with the most durable clingwrap known to man!

We feel the need to convert all foreign currency into Rands no matter where in the world we are...

By saying “just now”, we tend to confuse everyone except your fellow Saffas

Our local slang becomes more prominent for some reason, it’s lekker man!

We’re initially timid to walk around cities late at night, because, who does that? Certainly not us back at home!

What is this biscotti thing? Give me some Ouma rusks. Thanks, but no thanks!

Don’t dare say BBQ, not even in the states – ons gaan nou braai!

We tend to feel sorry for ourselves when we are babalas abroad – there’s nothing better than the green ambulance but nowhere else has Crème Soda!

We’ll argue to the death that we have the best biltong in the world, even though we’re the only ones who make the stuff!

Whether you're living abroad or still here at home, you know that South Africa is the best and our idiosyncrasies are what makes us truly unique!

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