Yacht Sailing in the Greek Islands

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Date: March 17, 2016
Paxos Island in Greece
With so much to enjoy in the Greek Islands, your biggest challenge when visiting is deciding which island to put on your itinerary. There are few better ways to truly explore the Greek Islands than yacht sailing. 

Giola Thassos Greece
Imagine endless lazy summer days on exquisite beaches and scenic coastlines; enticing cuisine and warm hospitality; fairy tale islands and romantic cruises; azure warm waters of the Aegean; fascinating ancient cities and quaint villages... you will have a tough time deciding on where to start and end your Greek adventure.

Sailing Yatch in the Ionian Sea in Greece
Sailing gives you the freedom to meander around the beautiful Islands in the comfort of your own yacht. You can take your time sailing from one port to the next. On your way to your evening destination, you can stop for lunch, a swim in a beautiful secluded bay or just anchor off sore to enjoy a spectacular view. 
Sailing the Greek Islands
The flexibility allows you to maximise your time as you can visit more islands. By visiting a good range of islands, you can get a better and more complete picture of the Greek Islands. 
Crete Harbor, Greece
Let your luxurious room travel with you along a scenic coastline atop a glistening sea. You don’t have to constantly pack & unpack or catch multiple transfers as you move between the islands. This saves time and makes for an easier and pleasant travel experience.
Sailing the Greek Islands
If you are sailing the yacht yourself, it can be daunting but it also a more rewarding adventure. You do have an option to hire a skipper who can also provide great knowledge of the islands and culture. Either way, it’s a great way to experience Greece, its history and culture while having an adventure in the beautiful Mediterranean.

By: Dumisani Khumalo