How to stick to your travel goals

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Date: January 14, 2016
holiday dreaming
So last year your swore - in 2016 you are finally going to take that big trip you’ve always dreamed about. Or this year you will travel more and explore South Africa. But you said the same thing the previous year! So how do you make sure you get it done this time around?

The surest way to fall short of your resolution is to not plan for it. Another big obstacle is making your travel goals unrealistic. For instance, setting a goal to visit Hollywood within 5 months when you haven’t started saving for it. It’s better to strive for something that’s attainable like a few weekend getaways to local destinations. Leave your 10 nights in Hollywood as a long term goal but start saving for it too! 
Here are some tips for ensuring that you stick to your travel goals this year.

1. Start planning and budgeting for it now.
Don’t put it off for later, because the next thing you know, it will be June. If you have decided to travel more this year, start acting on your goals now. In fact if you’ve just come back from a holiday, you could be going through some post-holiday blues and the best cure for it is to actually start thinking about your next holiday.

2. Narrow your options and pick your destination early
Based on your budget and the type of holiday you envision, you can narrow your destination choices to exactly what you want and can really afford.

3. Pick a date and stick with it 
Holiday calender
It’s always good to pick your dates early. This way you can actually estimate the amount of savings you need to put aside before the travel date. Your date also helps you select the right destination based on the seasonality. If you want to save money, try not to pick high season dates for your holiday. But if you don’t have a choice, it helps to book early so you can benefit from the ‘early bird’ rates. Don’t forget to get your leave approved at work as early as possible.

4. Get a Quote
If you don’t know what the cost is, don’t be shy to ask for a quote. This will give you an estimate of how much you will pay at the end and it helps you to budget better. It is always better to work with a knowledgeable consultant who will giv you tips and additional advise toi make your holiday better.
5. Be on the lookout for travel tips and value for money deals
Big holiday companies are always working with suppliers to get better deals and pass the savings on to consumers.  So keep following us on Social Media for discounts and latest specials.

You can get out there and see the world if you plan and prepare for it well.
The main point is; do not leave holiday planning to the last minute or you will end up cancelling or with a bad holiday experience.
Get out there and live your holiday dreams.

by: Dumi Khumalo