Thompsons FAQ's

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Date: October 14, 2015

Travel Frequently Asked Questions

Glossary of Terms

AI - All Inclusive Breakfast, lunch, dinner and specific selected drinks
BB - Bed & breakfast Accommodation and breakfast only
HB -  Half board     Accommodation with breakfast and dinner only
FB – Full board   Accommodation with breakfast, lunch and dinner
PP - Per Person price When the cost of the booking is split between 2 people sharing
SIC - Seat-In-Coach Transfer in a seat in coach, with other passengers
Land only Flights are not included.
Pax Passengers

Frequently asked questions


Q: How does the difference in time zones affect travel times?
A: All flight departures and arrivals are given in local time at the destination

Q: Does Thompsons Holidays assist travellers with Visa applications?
A: Retail travel agents & visa companies offer this service.

Q: Are water sports and water skiing included in the half board rates?
A: Half board refers to meals only. Sport activities are listed separately 

Q: How old must a child be to be able to use the Kids Club?
A: This is dependent on the property at which you are staying (Properties may have different rules) 


Q: When paying by credit card what level of insurance cover is there?
A: This is dependent on your bank or credit card provider; Certain Banks do offer travel insurance as a value added service on their credit card facilities.

Q: When are payments due?  (The deposit and balance)
A: Deposit due max 5 days from date of confirmation and the invoice will indicate when the balance is due.

Q: How does the fluctuation on the rate of exchange affect me and will paying a deposit secure the rate of exchange?
A: All prices of overseas holiday packages fluctuate with the rate of exchange. Your deposit will not fix this rate – your final payment will.

Q: Can I pay on line with a Diners Club or Amex card?
A:  We only accept VISA and Master cards for online payments


Q: Where can I find the booking form?
A: A copy is available on our website

Q: What is your standard cancellation policy?
A: This depends on the product & time of cancellation. Please refer to your invoice for further details

Q: Do you charge amendment or booking fees?
A: We do not charge booking fees.  Amendment fees are subject to the rules of the airline & supplier

Q: Can I cancel a reservation or booking?
A: Yes, it is possible cancel a booking.  Specific policies & fees will vary by route & reservation type.  Contact us for more information.
Q: Do you sell escorted tours separately?
A: We do sell a selection of escorted tours 

Q: What is considered to be a group?
A: Normally, 15 or more people travelling together are considered a group. However, some airlines or suppliers consider a minimum of 10 people as a group.