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Turkey is one of the longest permanently inhabited countries in the world. This transcontinental country straddles both Europe and Asia across the Bosphorous River and has witnessed the rise and fall of great kingdoms and empires. Here east meets west in a spectacular fashion of ancient customs and mysticism through to modern technology. This large and beautiful country is blessed with a temperate climate and an extensive coastline of magnificent sandy beaches and sparkling blue waters. The Turkish people have an unrivalled reputation for friendliness and hospitality and welcome visitors with open arms. Markets laden with a wide assortment of gifts and crafts abound, the cuisine is a delight to the palate and the nightlife is legendary. Turkey has a wide appeal for all – from sun worshippers through to those who seek history and culture.
General info:

Language: Turkish. English is widely spoken.
Currency: Turkish Lira.
When to go: Spring through to Autumn (May to October) are the best times to visit Turkey.
Time: GMT +2 (GMT +3 April to October)
Visas: South African passport holders require visas.
What things cost: These are approximate prices and may vary according to hotels and seasons.
Transportation: 35 - 70 Lira per day depending on where you’re headed
Beer: 5 Lira
Meal in restaurant: 10 - 15 Lira upwards
Bottle of wine: 15 - 20 Lira upwards
Ice cream: 3 - 5 Lira
Baklava: 40 Lira per kg upwards

Top Destinations/ Attractions
The mystical city of Istanbul, previously Constantinople, straddles two continents - Europe and Asia. Hugging the shores of the Bosphorus River this ancient city is a melting pot of cultures and religions and a drawcard for both shoppers and serious tourism. Travel down ancient avenues in a tram or marvel at the magnificent Blue Mosque. No visit would be complete without viewing the Hagia Sophia,Topkapi Palace and the aptly named Grand Bazaar.
Bodrum is one of the Aegean hotspots for holiday makers and fun seekers. Home to artists, musicians and jewellery craftsmen, the quaint streets are lined with whitewashed buildingsfilled with arts, crafts and vibey cafes. Dance the night away at the world famous open-air Halikarnas disco with laser lights that can be seen 30km
One of Turkey’s principle holiday resorts. Powdery white beaches and the warm sea make this the perfect location for watersports. For culture lovers there are many important historical sights, notably Ephesus and Cappadocia.
The palm studded promenade in Marmaris separates the charming ancient village from the busy harbour filled with international yacht owners seeking sun and fun in this southern Turkish port on the Mediterranean. The warm climate and water make this a favoured location for watersports and outdoor dining on fine Turkish dishes.

You can explore more about Turkey on the Go Turkey Official Tourism portal here

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