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Thompsons Holidays is your destination specialist. We have been hard at work in bringing you a selection of unrivalled holiday specials to a variety of top destinations from around the world. Whether you are seeking excellent holiday deals for African travel or you are searching for an affordable Far East holiday package, we have the best prices and specials for you. Experience the difference with Thompsons Holidays, and take your pick from our outstanding travel specials to suit all tastes.

FUNCLUB Mauritius’
The FUNCLUB is an exciting, brand new concept, exclusive to Thompsons, where you can do so much more for so much less at Villas Caroline Beach Holiday.  
The Far East Collection
From the thriving urban jungles of Hong Kong, to the cultural wonders of Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, our Far East specials have something for everyone to enjoy.
The Thailand Collection
Hailed as one of the most spectacular countries to visit, Thailand boasts serene beaches, friendly locals and a thriving, infinitely fascinating blend of busy city life mixed with traditional customs.  
Mauritius & Reunion Collection
Discover vibrant Mauritius or experience real adventure on charming Reunion – the holiday choices are endless!  
The USA Collection
From New York to Florida, our USA collection offers something to suit all tastes. Visit some of the world's most iconic destinations, and experience the sights of this first world powerhouse.  
The United Kingdom Collection
Revel in the lively atmosphere of vibrant cities and surrounds in the UK.  
The Africa Collection
Visit Africa for the ultimate wildlife experience and untouched, rugged beauty. Enjoy great corporate stopovers.  
The Seychelles Collection
Our Seychelles travel specials take you to key destinations across this beautiful tropical island.  
The Europe Collection
Explore the art, history, cuisine and culture of beautiful Europe.  
The Mediterranean Collection
Tour ancient cities and villages steeped in history, visit fairytale islands with whitewashed buildings and cruise the calm waters of the Mediterranean.  
The Australia Collection

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Find the best Down Under specials, and experience Australia's wide range of attractions, from the iconic landmarks of Sydney to the beautiful beaches and natural landscapes that lie await in this huge and fascinating continent.
The Namibia Collection
Discover one of the most fascinating and diverse countries in the world, famous for the highest dunes in the world.  
The Cruising Collection
Find your dream cruise, at highly affordable rates - setting sail for exotic destinations across the oceans.  
The South Africa Collection
Discover South Africa, a land of great diversity and incredible surprises.  
Shores of Africa Collection
Relax on unspoilt white sandy beaches on the East Coast of Africa.  
The South America Collection
Be captivated by the rhythm of the tango and addictive samba beat.  
Middle East Collection
Experience sizzling desert adventures, modern and extravagant cities.  
Mauritius & Beyond Collection
Fly with Air Mauritius to many destinations around the world and stop over in sunny Mauritius for a few days of relaxation!  
The Maldives Collection’
Discover a tranquil haven for honeymooners, families and couples at world-class resorts – all on their own islands.  

Worldwide Corporate Stopovers
Let us tailor-make your corporate package to one of our fabulous destinations. You choose, we book.